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Old 2018-06-13, 23:37   Link #41
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Originally Posted by jwai View Post
If I recall correctly, LLENN didn't encounter nearly as many people that she had to shoot during the last SJ.

I reckon that one guy from MMTM who LLENN roughly worked over with P-chan in episode 4 might have more than a few choice words about that incident. If he does, chances are that something will be mentioned next episode.

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That is true. A big thing from the last SJ was how little Llenn and M actually fought. They fought that group of pros, MMTM, and SHINC. While Llenn was shot at by the machine gun team, that fight ended without her shooting at all. And heck during the MMTM encounter Llenn barely had to shoot at all. She finished off that one guy and fired a few distraction shots. So it makes sense she's burning through way more ammo this time around since they aren't/can't avoid as many fights.

They've already fought a solid amount of teams and aren't even close to getting to Pito yet. Makes sense that Llenn was just that desperate for more ammo.

I'd think as a whole MMTM has more of a beef with M than Llenn, but she is closer and one part of that winning team. It makes sense they'd try to take advantage and put a stop to her now. That one guy she shot might want a crack at her. Though I could see them taking her a bit lightly since she didn't do much when facing them in the previous SJ.
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Old 2018-06-13, 23:48   Link #42
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The overalls that the MMTM guys wear remind me of Ghostbusters. I mean, we already had (brief) cameos by some of the Expendables cast...

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Old 2018-06-15, 16:55   Link #43
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Originally Posted by Random Wanderer View Post
And this is supposed to be legal in a world after the SAO incident?

I'm glad they toned it down. Its already weird enough that they react like they're suffering from pain for real.

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Old 2018-06-16, 12:53   Link #44
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Where's EP 10 thread?
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Old 2018-06-16, 13:33   Link #45
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still waiting for the thread too
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