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Old 2004-03-24, 19:20   Link #21
That Other Ninja
That Other Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Sethi
Actually i think it's in the best interest of the Sand to participate to reinforce relations with the Leaf after that attack, after all i don't think they want a revenge and if the Leaf attacks the Sand i don't think the Sand would survive that.
They also surrendered to Konoha after the invasion n they find Kazekage dead.
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Old 2004-03-25, 13:51   Link #22
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The chuunin exam was good....
but the think with lee....
.... *gaara kick-no-jutsu*
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Old 2004-03-25, 14:04   Link #23
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Originally Posted by That Other Ninja
since this isnt a spoiler thread, use spoilers.

and: tough shit for the sand- will the leaf accept them back as allies?
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Old 2004-03-25, 15:12   Link #24
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Originally Posted by hobobaggins
and: tough shit for the sand- will the leaf accept them back as allies?


It would be also cool if the exam was in either the Stone or Cloud village, because we don't know anything about these countries and it would be a good oportunity to introduce any of them, but since they weren't in this one it's a difficult thing to happen.
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