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Old 2021-06-30, 23:25   Link #1361
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Originally Posted by judasmartel View Post
Yet another Japanese VA in Ayana Taketatsu is being canceled by CN right now for... posing behind the flag of Imperial Japan.

There were some talks about China needing to build their own VA industry if they're just gonna cancel every Japanese VA who "steps out of line". From my very little experience of listening to Chinese VOs, they have the tools and personnel to do it but it's not gonna big enough to compete with the Japanese VA industry for a while.
I'm not sure how canceling works, but "is being canceled" refers to people wanting to cancel the person, and not when the person has been canceled, right? Not that I would care until the government does anything or does nothing.

A problem is that there are fans of those VAs in China. It's not as much about having people that can voice-act. Sure, you got Chinese VAs. But who are Chinese otaku gonna pay money for? Some Chinese VA they don't know? Or KUGIMYIAAAA!! And you know, that stuff.

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Old 2021-07-02, 09:53   Link #1362
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Hiro Shimono is diagnosed with Covid and currently undergoing treatment.
I hope for his speedy recovery!
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Old 2021-07-03, 16:32   Link #1363
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Originally Posted by saya_leviathan View Post
Same here. I also hope anyone in his vicinity is safe given how often Shimono makes the rounds...
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