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Now that the third and final of the new Code Geass movies has been released (in Japanese theaters), it's a good opportunity to address the great debate which has surrounded the anime for over a decade: *Lelouch, dead or alive*?

For those who are unaware, there are several fan theories which assume that Lelouch has gained immortality at the end of the show and thus survived his death. But is this theory what actually happened or is it tinfoil?
Therefore I have compiled ALL the information we have, all the official statements, from old interviews to very recent tweets of a few days ago, the official guide book, the completely remade epilogue from the official blu-ray, etc, and after that I cover the "code theories" and go over all of their points and see how they hold up against the lore of the show and the official information.

Gathering all of this information resulted in a LARGE text.
Due to its size and the character limit for reddit posts I was forced to split the work in several smaller posts. So I opted for a "book like" structure with chapters and and cross links between the chapters.
The main body contains Part 0 ("why?"), the TLDR, and Part 3 ("Final Conclusions"), and also an overview of the discussed points of the split off chapters Part 1 and Part 2, and as such also functions as an index to the whole.
Every part can be accessed from that index, and each split off post has links to the index and to the next and previous post.

I do urge everyone to please, write any comments here on THIS post, and not on the various chapters, nor the on the index, this will avoid stuff getting fragmented and will lead to a better overview of everything.

Without further ado, here's the link to the main body/index:
I hope people will do the effort of reading it all and find it enjoyable and/or enlightening.
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