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Clarification about Restrictions for Adult/18+ Novels

As you may already know, our Forum Rules prohibit "any content (e.g. images, text, video, etc.) that is of a pornographic, extremely violent, repulsive or disturbing nature, or otherwise unsuitable for minors."

Light novels and web novels are very diverse and contain works that cover the entire spectrum, including those containing explicit/pornographic content. We do not necessarily prohibit discussion of these works, so long as there is actually something material to discuss that is not only the aforementioned prohibited content.

To use an outside example, we do allow discussion of "eroge" (adult/18+ visual novels) so long as there is actually a story or gameplay to discuss and this remains a focus of the discussion. However, we do not allow discussion of most "hentai" anime (or so-called "nukige" on the game side), as the entire discussion would be outside the rules.

The same policy applies to light novels and web novels. If the only point of the novel is to convey pornographic content, it may not be discussed on this site. If there actually is a story and that also contains adult content (particularly as a small part of the work and as an integral part of the story), the work may be discussed, but discussion must remain "PG-13."

Please do not misuse the spoiler tag to "hide" discussion of pornographic or forbidden content. We do have a NSFW tag that can be used with [nsfw="your description here"] (in plaintext mode), but even behind NSFW tags the content must be within the limitations of the Forum Rules.

The moderation team has noticed some threads and posts that we believe fall outside these guidelines, and we have and will continue to take action to bring these threads/post in alignment with the rules followed on the rest of the site. Going forward, we'd like to ask everyone to please be aware of these rules when posting or creating new threads. If you see posts or threads that clearly cross the line into explicit content (in violation of the forum rules) please report them.
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