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View Poll Results: Hidan no Aria AA - Episode 3 Rating
Perfect 10 1 11.11%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 1 11.11%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 2 22.22%
7 out of 10 : Good 3 33.33%
6 out of 10 : Average 1 11.11%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 1 11.11%
4 out of 10 : Poor 0 0%
3 out of 10 : Bad 0 0%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
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Old 2015-10-20, 12:31   Link #1
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Hidan no Aria AA - Episode 3 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Hidan no Aria AA, Episode 3.

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Old 2015-10-20, 12:34   Link #2
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I think Raika looks pretty tbh :>

With a sense of badass in her personality as well when she needs to be
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Old 2015-10-20, 12:35   Link #3
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Best episode yet. Raika is pretty cool, especially since she doesn't fangirl on Akari like Shino does.
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Old 2015-10-20, 13:42   Link #4
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The cameos were very cool. I see that Riko is up to no good as always and Kinji is just Kinji. lol With Fuuma in the mix, things become even more hilarious. Looks like in this episode we have another maniac girl added to the roster. So we have Aria fawning over Kinji, Akari fawning over Aria and Shino fawning over Akari who is Shirayuki's Amica. And Shirayuki also fawns over Kinji and tries to eliminate Aria. Meanwhile Kirin is fawning over Riko, heh. I must admit, they're a cute couple. They sure like to keep Akari's past mysterious, I'm assuming both Aria and Riko are already on to something and Akari will end up in the crossfire or something.

ep 3 gif
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Old 2015-10-20, 14:03   Link #5
Draco Spirit
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Raika needs to realise that's there plenty of guys who don't mind alpha females, Moe is not the only way to seduce a guy, especially when you've got that level of athleticism! Through it seems she attracts (and is attracted) to the fairer sex.

On that note Kirin a interesting one. That cute exterior seems to be masking the devious mind of a aspiring supervillian She's certainly has bucketloads of cunning at any rate.

Her fighting style seemed to be a 'soft' technical style of martial arts mixed with misdirection as well, which suits her small body, high IQ character to a tee.
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Old 2015-10-20, 14:30   Link #6
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I do like Raika as a friend. She's not an obsessed yandere which is nice. Shino is just a creepy individual.

It is interesting that basically Raika loses due to lace and distraction. Certainly proves the strongest fighter doesn't always win. Kirin deserves full props for the win, her tactics and attacks worked perfectly. Got her shots in and used her cuteness to her advantage. Definitely someone who learned a few things from Riko.

Certainly building things up with Akari's past with the constant investigations going on around her. Certainly we know something traumatic happened, but I do wonder when that will be more than a side note. Can only have Aria be reported to about the ongoing investigation so many episodes in a row.
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Old 2015-10-20, 15:54   Link #7
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Aww.For a second I thought we were gonna see some hysteria mode action.
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Old 2015-10-20, 16:41   Link #8
I disagree with you all.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Wow, those guys have no taste. (Well, it's probably more insecurity than anything, but still.)
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Old 2015-10-20, 21:16   Link #9
Random Wanderer
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I do wish they'd shown the reason Kirin became infatuated with Raika as her "prince" from the manga. It's really a pretty decent story. However, it probably would have taken a majority of an episode to do it right, so I can understand why they'd cut it if they wanted to introduce her and move quickly on to something else. It's still a shame, though. I wanted to see it. (I went and read the translated chapters of the manga between the previous episode and this one. There aren't really that many of them: we're actually past where it's gotten to, now.)

Got her shots in and used her cuteness to her advantage. Definitely someone who learned a few things from Riko.
On that note Kirin a interesting one. That cute exterior seems to be masking the devious mind of a aspiring supervillian She's certainly has bucketloads of cunning at any rate.

Her fighting style seemed to be a 'soft' technical style of martial arts mixed with misdirection as well, which suits her small body, high IQ character to a tee.
Unlike our girls, Kirin is not an "assault" butei. Her field of study is listed as specializing in "honey traps." She's weak on combat skills, but specializes in seduction, psychological warfare, and strategizing.
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Old 2015-10-21, 02:07   Link #10
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Kirin is a CVR or Civetta Research Division of Butei. They usually go undercover and they use their charms to get information out of the target.

CVR only employed the beautiful ones.

I don't like this episode that much, They skipped the whole Hostage and rescue mission of Kirin. There is a reason on why she falls for Raika and they skipped it.

They also shafted Kinji's return to Assault. They didn't show the difference between Kinji and Aria's treatment from the assault. The other assault students respect and admired Kinji but they can still be playful with him, they actually like the guy but their treatment to Aria is different. Aria is pretty lonely person without kinji and even her treatment to her amica is more of a senpai and amica, than someone who is close to them.

Maybe in time, Aria would treat her amica as someone she could really call an amica and not just a probation amica.
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Old 2015-10-21, 02:19   Link #11
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[QUOTE:Someone else's opinion]What are they doing there to keep those filler scenes but cut the most expected scene from source material away!!![/QUOTE]

edit: after watching the episode I agree with them.

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Old 2015-10-21, 06:30   Link #12
Random Wanderer
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Originally Posted by c933103 View Post
[QUOTE:Someone else's opinion]What are they doing there to keep those filler scenes but cut the most expected scene from source material away!!![/QUOTE
We're not just trying to be "they changed it, now it sucks." There were a number of changes in the first two episodes, and in comparing them to the manga I think most of the changes the anime made there were for the better. But in this case the anime cut out a significant story and removed a lot of the depth of Kirin's character. The manga introduction for her presents her intelligence and her skills in a much more positive light, giving us a clear perspective of why her addition to the group would be of clear benefit to them as butei. It also gives a very clear justification for her infatuation with Raika. She isn't just a younger student randomly having a crush on a cool older student. She actually had a pretty justifiable reason for falling for Raika.

Personally I don't care much about the Kinji stuff. They could have cut that entirely as far as I'm concerned. This story isn't about him. It's like whenever whatshisname from Index showed up in Railgun. It's not his story: he's got no business here.
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Old 2015-10-21, 17:25   Link #13
Julio C
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Well after three episodes, and I'm going to keep watching this show. It has a lot of great things that out shines the main show. I really like how much different Aria is, and I have not once seen her act all tsudere. I guess this studio learned from previous mistakes and problems that the main show had.
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Old 2015-10-22, 03:19   Link #14
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The action have been much better in this episode, as it was showing signs of improving in episode 2. The wonky animation of ep1 is a bad memory (for now?).
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Old 2015-10-22, 05:20   Link #15
Patriot's Blade
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i think they forgot to mention Kinji's true super power is an ecchi harem protag, i mean have any of the other girls ever had the same incident when he's not in the picture?

& i think Akari is still not good at analyzing her surroundings, even after that incident of ep. 2, does she realize that Shino is still attempting to sexually assault her?
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Old 2015-10-29, 07:07   Link #16
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A little late in knowing that there's a new Aria anime. Anyway, glad that Aria is back - and there's some new characters too. ^^

Just a little bit confused.. the events here happened at the same time as the Hidan no Aria anime. Except we see other things that happened, and not just the things that happened when Kinji is around.

Anyway, liking the new characters. Kirin is like a little Riko - I like her facial expressions when she's trying get what she wants (become Amica of Raika). :3
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