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Old 2008-01-21, 01:44   Link #1
Join Date: Nov 2004

Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions based on this anime (or even manga if you want) that I have seen and like also a list of what I've seen and dropped eventually, some lasted longer than others.

Seen/watching - Liked
  • Kaiji
  • Monster
  • FLCL
  • Yakitate Japan!!
  • Welcome to the NHK!
  • One Piece
  • Tengen Toppa
  • School Rumble
  • Buzzer Beater - watching)
  • Eyeshield 21 - stopped around 21 or so for some reason. :/
  • Homunculus (manga)
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Gakuen Tengoku - manga
  • Twelve Kingdoms
  • Yotsubato - manga
  • Air Gear - manga
Seen/stopped - Didnt really care for most of these (most of these I saw on CN)
  • Bleach - dumb filler
  • Naruto - never got far in anime, liked manga a lot better)
  • Dragonball(z)
  • Inuyasha
  • FMA
  • D.Grayman
  • Futari Ecchi - liked the manga though)
  • Air
Lot missing maybe, who knows.

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Old 2008-01-21, 01:52   Link #2
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u like shounen, so i guess check out shounens

some good suggestion on this post:
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Old 2008-01-21, 05:15   Link #3
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Meh, there isn't a good action anime I like that isn't licensed, except for Claymore and Inukami! (but no one watches that for the action now, right?). If you know some Bleach, I suggest you watch the new movie Bleach: Memories of Nobody because I think that's one of the best anime movies of all time (that's saying a lot) and the series pales in comparison to it. Also you haven't watched Elfen Lied yet, and I recommend you to, but it's licensed.
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Old 2008-01-21, 14:53   Link #4
Join Date: Nov 2004
Thanks for thread link bbdeuce. Your suggestions in there most of them I liked.
Elfen Lied - Looks good thanks.

Also found another good one after that I guess.. Elfen Laid

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Old 2008-01-21, 16:16   Link #5
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Try Law of Ueki.

There's a lot of neat powers and some of the battles are very cool with strategy. The main character can turn trash into trees! It's about 50 episodes or so, so you should give it a bit of time.
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