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Total War Arena

Officially in open beta and is free to play. CA has worked with Wargaming (owners of World of Tanks) to bring together a 10v10 squad based total war game where each player controls 3 units each. You can play one of 4 factions (Carthage is locked behind a gold purchase or high exp) which 4 generals under each with unique bonuses (though you need exp and/or gold to unlock them).

There is a lot of speculation that it is going to be P2W just like it is in WoT; however, it is not AS much P2W (if that even makes any sense lol) because of how gold and experience conversion is semi-locked. In a sense, you actually have to play matches in order for you to use your gold (which is currency that you can buy with real money). Then again, when you look at the cash shop, you can buy some high tier'd units like elephants right away. It has the typical premium 1, 2, 3, 7, 30 day premium exp passes.

Aside from that, I am REALLY enjoying the game. Communication is key which every match lacks because people are new and no one likes each other lol. For total war fans out there i highly recommend just trying it out. It runs AMAZINGLY smooth for a game with 20 people. Games are pretty quick, ranging about 10-15 minutes each. Also, if you just happened to get rekt right away in a match, you can leave the match and join another match under another army/commander and still receive the end game experience and rewards.
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