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Old 2006-06-30, 21:59   Link #1
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The Final Thoughts & Overall Series Impressions of Haruhi Suzumiya

This thread is to be used for discussing the entire 14 episodes of Suzumiya Haruhi ... your thoughts about the show, theories, hopes or desire for another season, etc., etc…

A few subjects you might want to wax poetic about until out of breath:
  • General impression of the series.
  • Opinions on the overall story, writing & plot devices.
  • Thoughts about the animation quality.
  • Characters.

  • Whether there should be another season or more episodes (OVA?).
  • What the show meant to you.
  • What could the creators/animators/writers could have done better.
  • Your regret for hating it in the beginning and then eating crow because you now love it to death.
And so on.

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Old 2006-07-03, 17:20   Link #2
Absolute Haruhist!
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This is actually a reason why i love Haruhi so much, because i actually had an experience similar to her. I posted this somewhere in this subforum before.
Also I had a time of depression in my life and I can relate to Haruhi's thoughts most of the time, especially what she said in episode 13/ novel 1 chapter 6.

Recently I have alot of Haruhi dreams, yes I think Haruhiism has quite literally taken over my mind. When I was awaiting my Haruhi novels, I had to order them, I kept having dreams of the novels being delivered to my house but after flipping through the novels, I found them to be something else or nothing inside.

3 weeks ago I had this dream where I was attacked by something undescribable, its like a parasite trying to take over my body. I yelled Haruhi-sama(yes I did) and the next thing I saw on my arm(in the dream): Not sure if you guys have seen this Nokia commercial, where the people have markings, like tatoos that pulse on their bodies and change shapes rapidly to music. I was yelling Haruhi-sama with my right arm in the air and I saw a dark tatoo/marking crawling towards my hand from my shoulder. It was a very beautiful pattern, much like freestyle art and when it crawled to my palm, at the end of the design was a H, quite gothic in style.

Next thing I knew was the parasite was gone and I woke up, I was looking at my arm. I still remembered a little of the design of the marking, I'm really considering designing a tatoo as close to that as possible and get my entire right arm tattoed according to that.

Just yesterday night I had this dream where I saw Haruhi, Kyon and the first appearance of Yuki. I spoke to Kyon but no chance to talk to Haruhi, Yuki didn't want to reply to me lol. Then Kyon wanted to tell Haruhi that she looks kawaii today, but Haruhi was in a Haruhi and ran off before Kyon could tell her that lol
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When I say 'My god...', god refers to Haruhi-sama.

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Old 2006-07-03, 23:25   Link #3
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Would Freud have a field day with that? ^^;
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Old 2006-07-04, 00:22   Link #4
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It's certainly have been one of the more interesting show this year. Although most of episode 1 nearly made me want to stay away from this show, I'm glad to make it through the end of that episode and into the second episode before making my decision.
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Old 2006-07-04, 01:54   Link #5
lol whut?
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I'm really curious about people's impression on each character now. A new character poll please =D

Overall, it is quite possibly one of the most impressive animes I've ever seen. top-notch animation, pleasant and uncliched storyline, and a rather interesting set of characters. My sole complaint would be KyotoAni's schedule of working on one project at a time-- they chose not to continue on FMP or The Melancholy of Nagato Yuki (most likely the new title) for their next project. Instead, we get Kannon 2006. It irks me that bigger studios such as Gonzo are churning out a whole bunch of mediocre animes.

Well, with that aside, I'm rather disappointed that Mikuru and Itsuki did not receive as much light. It is kinda reflected in Mikuru's 2D personality/character, and her presence seems to do nothing more than incite some funny moments. Itsuki is kinda underappreciated by the fans. There isn't a story behind him that people can sympathize with. Yet, he is persistent with his work and never sway from his task. To me, he seems to be the most original character of the whole cast. Instead of the typical mysterious/silent figure that can kick anyone's ass if needed be (sorry Yuki, even though you are my favorite character), he gives proper-- and sometimes longwinded-- explanation. Therefore, he's shoved into the uncool, unbadass category.

And, as I've mentioned before, KyotoAnimation has had the tendency to follow up on unfinished manga/novels. They did a rather nice job for accumulating the drama and reaching the climax by shuffling the episodes, but the feeling of the completed story just isn't there. I don't know if this is a sales plot to leave the option of a second season open or whatnot, but it keeps me wanting more. I kinda want to slap the director ._.

Oh, and one last note. Kudos for the people in AFK fansub. You guys rock ^^ Keep up the good work in the future.
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Old 2006-07-04, 02:42   Link #6
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As being said already in this thread, it was one of the most impressive anime I've seen so far. Animationwise it was perfect as far as it goes for a tv series, currently it's pretty much impossible to top what Kyoto Animation did deliver here. The music was just as good by the way, opening/ending and the insert songs were all likeable on their own, but the background music made it unforgetable for me, such crucial moments as the one in episode 14 in the closed space, or the beginning of Yuki's minutes of fame in episode 11 did show off mostly due to the music and animation working perfectly together to emphasise the flow of those scenes. Props to the seiyuu as well, Kyon's narrative was close to perfect, Haruhi and the rest did show several nuances throughout the show, which added to their characters, making them even more likeable (it's one of the very few shows where I liked the whole cast, without any exception).

Kyon is of now the male character I like the most (probably because he also resembles me a lot, being annoyed by the people and stuff around him and the introduction he made in episode 2 and still admitting that he likes it that way). It's not often that I like a male character (I passionately hate almost anything male) but he gets a special place in my book.

As far as it goes for the rest of the cast, Haruhi, Yuki and Mikuru were quite likeable, I enjoyed the scenes with Kyon's sister and Tsuruya a lot and Asakura and Taniguchi were a nice addition as well. Itsuki of course as well, despite being portrayed as the worst out of the bunch by Kyon. ;)

The first episode was a stroke of genius and deserves special mention here. Overall Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is easily the anime I'm going to recommend to everybody as of now, topping my own hitlist. :)

There can be said a lot about it, so I'll just keep it short. I simply liked everything about it. A somewhat longer view on the show: here. ;)

Now hoping that they will animate the rest of the novels one day, I'm willing to wait no matter how long it'll take.
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Old 2006-07-04, 04:09   Link #7
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Lol C.A.; let me know when you do get that tattoo done. We can meet in Town and you can show it to me That was an entertaining read

I would definitely not say that this was one of the most impressive Animes I've ever seen, and it won't be entering into my top 5 list anytime soon. However, this was a special anime, as I have said a few times before. It set several precedents for me. Before I start on my opinions, however, whenever I say * wonderful * loved * awesome * roxz * and so on, all credits go to KyoAni and the novels' author (of whom most of us have leeched off ) for making this Anime series the way it was.

Its brazen "different-ness." Choosing to start with a nonsense episode that was sure to confuse and put many people off ~ and it did! Choosing to shuffle the episode sequences; which at first appeared to me to be a really stupid thing to do. Yet, everything fell into place perfectly. The first episode did confuse me; and I was almost going to stop at the first minute; but I'm glad I didnt because the sheer deliberate stupidity of it made me LOL so hard that it piqued my curiosity and made me want to continue watching just to find out. As many others (including C.A. and VCV somewhere in the QA thread) have mentioned the shuffling of episodes actually turned out to be a BRILLANT move by KyoAni to give us fillers, that didnt feel like fillers at all because they each served very important roles in revealing more of Haruhi (and Yuki ) to us. To me, this series did so many unconventional things, and so well too, that it literally shined.

Its detail, and the sheer effort put into animation. KyoAni. Day of Sargittarius, Live a Live, the battles of Yuki, that especially in Ep 10 all come to mind. KyoAni took this anime seriously and delivered; adding to that reality-busting feel of the Anime. Other details. The XP Operating System on the SOS system that they clearly rendered. Mixing of foreground and background events in Ep 12. Vehicles on the road; not only in Ep 13, but even way before that. The drawing of the city, trains, shops, people. All given equal importance as the main characters. Even the OP sequences was filled with amazing detail.

Coverage of deep stuff and its leaving open to interpretations, being widely metaphorical at parts too. I feel that this series is the kind that can be taken on two levels. At the surface, which would just bring a measure of pleasure. Or deeper, and in this regard the forums have been a great help; with each episode discussed from so many angles, each one revealing a new layer that was surely meant to be discovered. As I've heard mentioned quite a few times on this thread, deliberate confusion and (personally) ambiguity was the name of the game ~ that added to the great pleasure of reading other people's posts here and being able to see parts of the Anime in totally new light, most that I never thought of at all. Also, no other Anime has made me think on the more extreme physics principles, as well a little bit of philosophy; especially relating to the question of Haruhi being "God" or not and the subsequent creating of a world.

The characters. I wont say too much on this; because anymore will just lead to mindless fanboy rabble. (Yuki.. Mikuru.. Yuki.. Mikuru stop stop stop) Kyon was superb in his scathing retorts and sarcasm; plus the hypocrisy in regard to Mikuru *cough* moe. He was for me the pillar of this show, serving as a dependable reference back to reality and how I felt. In fact, he was what kept me watching thru the 2nd and 3rd episodes, what with Haruhi's less than exemplary actions. Yuki was a mystery from the start, yet the way they slowly reveal her to us, her likes, and interests, turned this silent and traditionally uninteresting chracter into one that showed depth and took on life. Mikuru; Kyon's sister; Tsuruya ~ delici. Erm. Continuing. Actually, it can be argued that all the characters in this show, especially the those of the three factions somehow reflect something in Haruhi. (Someone brought it up somewhere in one of the threads here; sorry, I forgot ) Ah. Which brings me to the main character. H. She was literally what gave the show life. Thats a great understatement, I know. I didnt like her from the start, but again the series showed great character development in giving me a deeper glimpse into her obsession with the abnormal, and she gained depth as I really started understanding her.

One of the discussions I enjoyed having the most in this forum was the one in the episode 12 thread, about her motivation in helping the band, and the change in her. In fact; if I were to rename this season, it would be Understanding Haruhi Suzumiya. Really.

I was wrong to classify this anime as a "comedy," when looking back it was so much more. Honestly, I think its genre-busting. This Anime was special; the overlong discussions and overlong posts and overlong threads (yep, coming from someone who frequents the RM:T thread) devoted to it all testify to this.

While not the best I've seen, its imo very clearly one of the betters. I will be looking forward to a S2 because even for a non novel reader its obvious that there is so so much more that can be covered with Haruhi and Co. KyoAni has distinguished it self in my eyes.

I also want to add that it was thanks to this Forum that HSnY took on such depth. If not, it would just have been another summer Anime for me.


VCV wanted the opinions of non-novel readers after 14; I think it is on whether Kyon or Haruhi is the one doing the creating? My opinion, at the end of this: While it still can't be said for sure; my opinion is leading to Haruhi as the one responsible. Altho we cant say for sure that she created the the new world in the first place, because Kyon appeared with Haruhi in the closed space and Haruhi said that she only woke up in this place. However, I think that Haruhi is the one responsible because the ending of the new world, the decision to, must surely be attributed to Haruhi; and I cant think why Kyon would want to create the new world in the first place and then ditch it later. Also, the new world seemed really to be what Haruhi wanted, and not Kyon. Thats why I say that Haruhi is still the creator.

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Old 2006-07-04, 08:46   Link #8
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My final impressions of the show. Let me see...

It ended better than it started. The first time I saw the 1st episode, I was like "What the hell?!?! ;____;" So it definitely ended better than it began.

Its story is provokative. The idea of a person being GOD but not knowing it is a provokative story. A lot of views these days proclaim that each and every one of us are gods in ourselves. Able to create, manipulate, change, effect and destroy things around us by our simple whimpsical moods and in truth this is partially true. Although I don't agree at all that to the notion of GOD being childish, it remains only as my opinion.

The sequencing of events and outlining of the plot were superb. Quite frankly, very few shows have made me think so much and this show in particular made me do so. I always was looking for metaphoric or platonic parallels etched in the show >:3 Well, you can say I am a person who likes and is knowledgeable about theology and philosy and this show gave me both ^_^

The characters were likable and at times relatable. I especially liked Kyon and his inner dialogs XD Sarcasm on a platter! Although this show lacks in some aspects like in romance and general character development, it still manages to deliver an excellent showing. Although I'd like it if they have had elaborated more on the individual characters backgrounds, about Haruhi's god-ness, about Kyon's feelings, about Koizumi's background and also about Mikuru and Kyon's relationship. Quite frankly, I feel disatisfied because I think it is rather rushed >_> Besides that, the eventual "kissing" of Haruhi by Kyon at the last moments of the series was kind of abrubt. His reasoning does not actually say "I love Haruhi", but rather "Haruhi needs to be stopped" O_______O IMO, Kyon took advantage of HARUHI!


So there!

To sum it all up, this was generally a great series. Not perfect, but still is great.
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Old 2006-07-04, 08:56   Link #9
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I've watched other anime that I thought was good, but this one sits at the top (as does Shakugan no Shana, which incidentally, is also animated by animators from KyoAni). That aside, almost every episode had more to offer than what was on the surface. I would tend to miss some important details going through the episode one time, but catch them later on after visiting the forum or looking closely at what was happening. It's also very thought-provoking and happens to tie in with quite a few philosophical concepts I'm studying right now, so I did not feel like I was wasting my time watching it like I would watching some run-of-the-mill Shounen.

Character development was excellent. Although Koizumi and Mikuru were not as heavily emphasized as already mentioned, both of them still played significant roles in the overall development of the series and the main characters as well. Kyon wouldn't be Kyon without Mikuru, and Haruhi's formation of the apparently ridiculous SOS-dan club would make much less sense to Kyon if Koizumi did not step in to explain. Even though Mikuru and Yuki can explain the phenomenon that is Haruhi, Koizumi is able to show Kyon directly, allowing him to understand what they tell him more clearly.

The animation quality was absolutely top-notch throughout the entire series. Details were put into every scene, none of the characters were designed awkwardly, and every episode usually ties in very well with the novel.

Needless to say, I've thoroughly enjoyed this one. Let's just hope KyoAni is able to get the green light for a second season (God knows why they and Gonzo are deciding to re-make Kanon instead...)
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Originally Posted by Knavinusa
(as does Shakugan no Shana, which incidentally, is also animated by animators from KyoAni)
TMoSH is by Kyoto Animation( with assistance from Ani Village). Shakugan no Shana is done by J.C. Staff.

You might be thinking of their novels' covers, which was done by the same illustrator.
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Originally Posted by Skane
TMoSH is by Kyoto Animation( with assistance from Ani Village). Shakugan no Shana is done by J.C. Staff.

You might be thinking of their novels' covers, which was done by the same illustrator.
Hmm, really? The drawing style in the anime itself is very similar to SHnY, though. I'm just assuming the animation is done by some of the animators from KyoAni.
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Old 2006-07-04, 09:55   Link #12
Kaioshin Sama
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It was a lot better than I thought it would be. That's all I have to say really.
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Old 2006-07-04, 11:03   Link #13
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hmm when i first watched the beginning i was the same as everone else in the fact that WTF is the main word...i thought i downloaded the wrong anime but then it occured to me that it was a movie -.- pretty smart of the writers to jumble up the chronological order of the series which is the first thing that caught my attention...

in all this series completely twists and deform a set rule that anime has mostly been based on which makes it unique...taking paodies from other places as inspiration its like watching a couple anime genres in one go

the charaters are just lovely...everything is there
lazy type : kyon
wild type : haruhi
silent type : yuki
wise type : Itsuki
fanboy type : mikaru
with his cast of actors it definatly a brilliant play

this series doesnt seem to follow a storyline/plot and are mostly totally random...but it does show devlopment of chara such as haruhi (love with kyon er? ) its lovely and moves in an unpredictaple pace...also adds to its day you could be playing baseball the next you are getting killed by an alien in a closed space

also this series is just based on the thoughts of kyon...its a really interesting (and true) insight into ones mind and the things that boys think being a boy myself i should know...his sarcasm is also very clever haha

yep overall i loved it...the series being random did show lots of deep though put into it in developing the charaters and executing the splendedly all with great animation...the story is about "life" if i were to put it into a catagory...i mean is life always boring? thats for haruhi to decide its basically tells you to do something interesting with life instead of being boring...give into haruiism >.<

p.s the moral of this series is never annoy haruhi of you would have just created the apocalypse!!

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Old 2006-07-04, 11:15   Link #14
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*Sigh* that was awesoooomeee ><

After episode 13 it was sitting at #8 on my list as top 10 anime titles... I said it COULD have a top 5 spot.... Now, it's sitting at #4 at the moment, beaten by FLCL, Yakitate!! Japan and Honey and Clover. ><

I do feel a bit of disappointment when it comes to big climax scenes where I'm expecting a lot and more longer stretched scenes which is why it didn't manage to secure #3. (particularly the battles - Oh I wish they had more because they were so interesting!!! ><Yuki's fighting is one of the most unique I've ever seen - and could top Matrix fighting scenes I think) ...

This series it's deep (I'm a fan of deep/detail), excellent characterisation, excellent drama, good pace, beautiful (and NOT LAZY - like a lot of series tch tch tch) animation, beautiful art, excellent screenplay (arrhhh... should I go on??) It certainly makes you want to scream "I WANT MOOOOOREE!!!" O_O but.. I think one of the beauties of it is just that... I feel this series was like eating a Japanese Banquet... everything is soo delicious and colourful but... so little.... ><
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Unhappy down with masterpieces!

Ok, what should I say that haven't been said yet?

Yes, I hate this series, cause like every masterpiece, it makes me jealous of not being able to create such stories, art, atmospheres. Masterpieces make you feel old. They make you feel like you'll never be able to do anything with your own life.

So please, don't watch Suzumiya Haruhi!
Cause it's a pure masterpiece.

(Maybe you noticed this was sacarstic. )
and my literary blog, in french :
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I really liked the episode shuffling, I believe that they wonderfully pulled it off.

I really believe that episode 1 caused a lot of casualties however. To appreciate a smartly flawed mini-movie combined with real-time criticism is not a common activity. It also requires a certain level of consciousness, which somewhat implies maturity. I'm pretty sure that of those that got bored away by the mikuru movie, a good 40% could've have been saved. My younger brother and cousins were all baffled when they saw it, and wondering what the heck I was smoking when I was raving about it. Managed to convert one of them, working on the others.

The show in general operates on different levels (much like Pixar's movies, just deeper). Many people out there will just see in it a show with some wacko high-schooler that does senseless stuff. Many can't/won't between the lines. I'm pretty sure a good deal of jokes/details went over my head, and being the type of engaged viewer that I am (writing in forums about it, for example), I'm pretty sure a bucketload went over the heads of the majority of those that have seen at least an ep of the series.

Overall, I give the show a 9.5-10 (depending on how you value a perfect score), which is about the highest score I recall giving to a show, along with FMP:TSR, in recent memory. Definitely one of the best shows of the year, even though the summer season barely started.

And unlike shows like FSN, a second season would seem entirely plausible.
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The biggest problem with episode 1 is that it really turns off many first-time viewers of the show. People who are familiar with the novel will find it incredibly funny, but even so-called "veteran" viewers like myself found it ridiculous and boring. While you could obviously see it was an attempt at a student film, the fact that we didn't have any identifiable character we were introduced to made the episode quite useless. We weren't invested enough in ANY character to be interested in that episode, which just tottered along in its own jokes.

Of course, episode 2 changed all that.

I guess the producers weren't aiming to pull in new viewers but appeal to the already established SuzuHaru fanbase built on by the novel.
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*sigh* its over... that was an awesome ride. 14 episodes just wasnt enough!
id rank this show in my top 10 easily. sorry to say, but school rumble (first year) and honey and clover beat it.
i didnt find anything wrong at all.

the animation: blew me away. the effort they made for even the smallest details was amazing. Id say with confidence this was THE best animated TV series ever. Some ova's id rank higher (Karas !) Kyoto Animation has raised the bar on how an anime should be done. i cant wait to see how Kanon looks like.

chars: i loved em all. yeah some where just background chars, but the mains ones where kewl. You really got attached to them. Haruhi, Kyon and Yuki were perfect. Mikuru (my fav char) did her job perfectly MOE!!, Koizumi was the "Mystery" char who filled in the blanks , just perfect class of chars types. wish they showed more of Tsuruya! genkiiiiii.... i think ill really miss the gang *sniff*

story: unique, and even tho some/few/many hated the mixed up order of episodes, i loved it. u didnt know what to expect next. kept me guessing all the way to the ending. and i loved the episode they picked for the ending. it gave closure imho. i think if they showed this series in the correct order, it wouldnt have had the impact . im waiting to see how long till other animes copy the mixed up order format.... oops, story hehe, i loved it. a girl who is God and doesnt know it. all i can say is wow.

op/ed: omg, i cant believe the voice actor/actress' did it. i didnt even know till i read on forums .Very catchy songs and those Lives were amazing. i can safely say that Hirano Aya is one of my fav va ever! just to see how good the songs are, try hit and see how many u see on it.
oops forgot to say, i also loved the little squeeks from mikuru the most lol.

Value and Enjoyment: a perfect 10.One of the best ever! one of the few shows that i waited all week to see the next episode. i ALMOST downloaded the raws cuz i couldnt wait. Finally a school based anime that wasnt cliche! or a harem ! just a crazy show bout a girl who is God. totally new genre they created. im already watching this show over and over cuz u see stuff u missed on the first viewing. this is one anime i will tell everyone to watch!
only negative i cant think of is 14 is toooo short. totally worth a full season 24 .
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I love but hated this series at the same time,

Some episodes i felt like i had to force my self to finish / stay awake, but the general ideal behind the series aka the plot, the characters, the tactics used by the characters to get what they wanted was all simply amazingly well done.

I do wish that there was more to this story then 14 episodes and maybe make it go in alittle bit more in order, sure some of the order issues were there for good reason but other ones such as the two parter being split by an episode just confused me lol...

I was a little disappointed with how it ended and hope that maybe an OVA can fix that or maybe season 2 as some others have said they would wish to see

Over all i say that dispite all my nit picking and dislikes about certain aspects of this series it still was and is amazing and a fun watch
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i am kinda sad ...almost despressive
when i heard the opening theme at the end , my tears came out one by one

Haruhi must come back !!! cuz i like the serie too much
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