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Old 2016-12-05, 01:13   Link #41
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Cannae will try to prove propellentless propulsion in space in
2017 and has ambitious space probe designs with 33 years of
constant acceleration to reach 3% of lightspeed:

"Cannae is not using an EmDrive thruster in their upcoming launch. Cannae is using it’s
own proprietary thruster technology which requires no on-board propellant to generate
thrust. In addition, this project is being done as a private venture. Cannae is only working
with our private commercial partners on the upcoming mission.

Theseus Space is going to be launching a demo cubesat (probably in 2017) which will use
Cannae thruster technology to maintain an orbit below a 150 mile altitude. This cubesat
will maintain its extreme LEO altitude for a minimum duration of 6 months. The primary
mission objective is to demonstrate our thruster technology on orbit. Secondary
objectives for this mission include orbital altitude and inclination changes performed by the
Cannae-thruster technology."

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Old 2016-12-21, 02:04   Link #42
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China says tests of Propellentless EMDrive on Tiangong 2
space station were successful:

"Dr. Chen Yue, Director of Commercial Satellite Technology for the China Academy of
Space Technology (CAST) announced on December 10, 2016 that not only has China
successfully tested EmDrives technology in its laboratories, but that a proof-of-concept
is currently undergoing zero-g testing in orbit (according to the International Business
Times, this test is taking place on the Tiangong 2 space station).

Scientists with the China Academy of Space Technology claim NASA’s results
‘re-confirm’ what they’d already achieved, and have plans to implement it in satellites
‘as quickly as possible.’

‘The establishment of an experimental verification platform to complete the milli-level
micro thrust measurement test, as well as several years of repeated experiments and
investigations into corresponding interference factors, confirm that in this type of
thruster, thrust exists.’

Cast is a subsidiary of the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
(CASC) and the manufacturer of Dong Fang Hong satellites."

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Old 2017-02-14, 03:33   Link #43
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EmDrive: UK scientist claims 'new physics' explains
galaxy rotation and theoretical space propulsion:

"British physicist Dr Mike McCulloch, who previously used quantised inertia to explain how
the controversial electromagnetic space propulsion technology EmDrive works, says that
he has new evidence showing his theory can also explain galaxy rotation, which is one of
physics' biggest mysteries.

McCulloch, a lecturer in geomatics at Plymouth University's school of marine science and
engineering, says he now has even more evidence that his "new physics theory" about
quantised inertia works, and that it makes it possible to explain why galaxies are not
ripped apart without using theory of dark matter."

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Old 2017-09-29, 23:44   Link #44
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Machs Effect interstellar propellentless propulsion
mission proposal at NASA NIAC:

"Finally Mach Effect propulsion had gotten useful levels of funding and will get a
validation test with NASA. They reported interim results and have made good progress.

Nextbigfuture covered the announcement of funding by NASA NIAC for mach effect
propulsion in April 2017.

They now have presented the new experiments and path forward with the needed
materials to clearly prove significant propulsion and unambiguous space experiments.

They have advanced the experimental work and will get test state-of-the-art PIN-
PMN-PT materials.

They have demonstrated a Force versus Voltage scaling relationship that is consistent
with the theory."

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Old 2017-10-17, 23:16   Link #45
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Pilot Wave theory suggests Trumpet shaped
Emdrive would have more thrust:

"Researchers José Croca and Paulo Castro from the Centre for Philosophy of Sciences of
the University of Lisbon in Portugal suggest that not only could pilot wave theory explain
the mysterious behavior of the EM drive, it could help to make it even more powerful.

Applying a pilot wave theory to NASA’s EM drive frustum [or cone] could explain its
thrust without involving any external action applied to the system, as Newton’s third law
would require."

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Old 2018-09-19, 22:47   Link #46
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Scientists to study new propulsion idea for spacecraft:

"Spacecraft and satellites could in future be launched into space without the need for
fuel, thanks to a revolutionary new theory.

Dr. Mike McCulloch, from the University of Plymouth, first put forward the idea of
quantised inertia (QI) - through which he believes light can be converted into thrust -
in 2007.

He has now received $1.3 million from the United States Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency (DARPA) for a four-year study which aims to make the concept a

The QI theory predicts that objects can be pushed by differences in the intensity of
so-called Unruh radiation in space, similar to the way in which a ship can be pushed
towards a dock because there are more waves hitting it from the seaward side.

The theory has already predicted galaxy rotation without dark matter, and the fact
that if a system is accelerated enough - such as a spinning disc or light bouncing
between mirrors - the Unruh waves it sees can be influenced by a shield. Therefore, if
a damper is placed above the object, it should produce a new kind of upwards thrust."

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