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Old 2018-07-28, 23:45   Link #521
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Meet the Anarchists Making Their Own Medicine:

"With a shaved head, dark beard, and an ever-present camo jacket, Laufer doesn’t look
like the type of person you’d seek out for medical advice—but that’s exactly his point. As
the founding member of Four Thieves Vinegar, a volunteer network of anarchists and
hackers developing DIY medical technologies, Laufer has spent the last decade working
to liberate life-saving pharmaceuticals from the massive corporations that own them.
Laufer has no formal training in medicine and he’ll be the first to tell you he’s not a
doctor. In fact, from a regulatory standpoint he’s more qualified to do mathematical
work on nuclear weapons than treat patients. But Laufer’s never really been the type to
let rules and regulations stand in his way."

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Old 2018-08-04, 17:12   Link #522
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In 5 years Lab Grown organs could start helping
115,000 in the US waiting for organs:

"Bioengineered lungs have been grown in a Texas lab and transplanted into adult pigs
with no medical complication. This could begin solving the human transplant problem
starting in about 5 years. They could grow lungs to transplant into people in
compassionate use circumstances within five to 10 years."

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Old 2018-08-23, 23:01   Link #523
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Scientists accidentally discover drug that curbs weight gain:

"A pill to prevent obesity is looming on the horizon after the discovery of a protein that
makes people fat.

It would be the “holy grail” of modern medicine – helping reduce the risk of heart
disease, cancer, diabetes and even dementia.

When the enzyme known as CerS1 (ceramide synthase 1) was blocked in mice they
remained lean – even after gorging on high-fat food.

The Australian team behind the breakthrough is hopeful the same will apply to humans."

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Old 2018-09-02, 18:01   Link #524
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Fruit Extract From Amazon Rainforest Prevents Obesity in
Overeating Animals:

"A cherry-like fruit that grows deep in the Amazon jungle has the potential to help
battle the North American obesity crisis, suggests new research published in Gut. In
the study, an extract from camu camu, a round, red, super-tart fruit, reduced obesity
and related illnesses in mice whose diets went otherwise unchanged. The fruit, it
appears, thwarts weight gain before it can start.

Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is already advertised in a variety of supplements
because of its insanely high vitamin C content. Until now, however, there hasn’t been
much research on its potential effects on weight management. To investigate this,
Université Laval Quebec Heart and Lung Institute Research Centre researcher André
Marette, Ph.D., first gave one group of mice a high-fat, high-sugar chow until they
were borderline obese and then gave a different group the same food alongside a
dose of camu camu extract. Over the course of eight weeks, the camu camu group
gained 50 percent less weight than the controls, despite their poor dietary habits. In
fact, in some additional experiments, they even lost weight."

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Old 2019-01-09, 00:35   Link #526
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An Implant for Weight Loss, Powered by the Stomach:

"In a recent paper in the journal Nature Communications, engineers at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison (UWM) describe a device to aid weight loss that is less invasive than
surgery and potentially more effective than diets and exercise regimens, which most
people (myself included) struggle to stick with.

The nickel-sized implant, only 1 millimeter (mm) thick, attaches to the outside of the
stomach and uses power generated by stomach movements to subdue feelings of

Rats with the implant shed 38 percent of their body weight over 100 days. Meanwhile,
rats in control groups, which either did not receive the implant or had a sham implant,
did not lose any weight."

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