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Old 2009-03-14, 21:00   Link #21
nepenthes rajah
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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
"Adults remember the past fondly, and children use the future to escape." That's actually rather profound, if you think about it...

Marvelous ep, I thought. Great insight into Black Star and Kid (who are both much more interesting than the Maka/Soul pairing, frankly). Kid managed to come off as almost tender even as he was smashing Star into the pavement, amazingly. I thought we saw much more of his depth in this ep than any other.

As for B*S*, I've come to look at him as the archtypal male in many ways. He attacks (literally) every problem with the male side of his psyche - front-on assault, move forward, get stronger, kick ass or get ass kicked, dust ass off and do it again. The other side of him is still there but it's so deeply buried he never even lets it enter his equation, and only Tsubaki sees it. It seems as if his lineage reinforces this, and he needs someone to take him under his wing and guide him to the right path. But how do you do that with a guy who accepts no outside guidance? Oddly, Mifune would be the perfect sensei for B*S* - he posesses formidable power but always controls it precisely, plus he loves children and loathes the evil work he's forced to do. Could it happen?
It almost sounds as if Kid demonstrated the female archetype here. Which he did in a way. Almost like a mother tigress who bites the kitten to show him his own mistake and make him stronger.
Yeah, an odd metaphor goes a long way.

He did seem tender to me, too, and emotionally perceptive, which is pretty strange because he's usually so detached, and even though he hangs around Maka and Co, it always seemed like he barely noticed them.

Poor B*S. I tend to have a rather agressive approach to things so I can relate to his problem pretty well actually. Though not gonna surpass god here, I have some rational brain left. A little.
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