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Old 2017-07-05, 12:00   Link #61
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Episode 7:

Part 1:

-seems like the episode they remade this time hasnt been translated,as i never saw a similar episode before.

-First time ever we hear the LS narrate anything other than the opening! pretty interesting

-also first time that he stalks somebody that much XD

-i actually felt bad for the wife and kid lol. heck,even the LS felt bad for them XD

-i wonder where the new wife and kid came from

-i am almost certain he will spend 99% of his time with his old family lol. they are much better XD

over all,a good and interesting part

Part 2:

-there was a really weird sideway shot of moguru where his eyes looked like they protruded out of his body lol.

-the part where they show the flashback using literal manga pages was great lol XD

-WTH is "Mommy Friends Group"lol?

-the woman deserved it.

not that good. part 1 of this episode was much better.
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