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Old 2017-11-03, 00:42   Link #41
Cross Game - I need more
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You know... initially you're going to discount this, but hear me out...

What about Ranma 1/2?

I mean... it pretty much has all of it - except maybe the first ask, that of a "normal" MC, as Ranma is a gifted martial artist who has been through training from hell since his childhood.

Except... Ranma is still pretty normal. I mean, yeah he's a super martial artist with speed, strength, and durability - but he's still basically just throwing punches and kicks. I guess he adds small Ki blasts very late in the show, but even then he rarely uses them (and he had to work hard to get them - because his rival got the Ki blasts first). And all his opponents are basically also super martial artists, so it's not like he's beating up mooks.

In fact, as time goes on, his opponents tend to be the ones that have special powers and abilities that make Ranma's life difficult (often with him losing several times) until he figures out a clever way to beat his opponent.

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2017-11-03, 00:58   Link #42
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Try RE:ZERO. Guy can keep reviving but basically has no other ability in a fantasy world. He's also not allowed to tell anyone about his revival. He pretty much has to use brains and knowledge of events to solve problems and break out of his loops. It sounds like revival is an OP ability but it's not. Since it's not something like he can keep throwing himself at the enemy and hit him till enemy dies since protag can't die. Each time he dies, he resets at a point in the past and if he does not solve the impending problem, he has to keep looping at the same reset point. So yeah, try it. It can get pretty suffering to the viewers too though.
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Old 2017-11-03, 17:15   Link #43
Azure Dragon reborn
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Sounds a lot like Log Horizon to me. The heroes are exceptional, having taken into the new world the high levels they'd managed to achieve when it was still a game. However, they're still part of a large number of high-level people in a world where it's far from unlikely to face threats that would take multiple parties of level-90 veterans with great teamwork and strategic planning multiple tries to kill, and when the enemies are weak enough to kill easily enough, they're likely to pose an equal threat since they'll often number somewhere between 50 and WTF.

This is particularly fitting with the main character. While the other heroes include warriors, sorcerers and other classes with high combative strength, Shrio is an Enchanter, a class with next to nothing in the area of fighting skills, instead specializing in buffing allies and de-buffing enemies. Shiro himself adds to this with a keen strategic mind and a near-godlike consciousness of every ally and enemy in a fight, to the point that he can pretty much see everything that'll happen in the next 30 seconds or so.
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Old 2017-11-06, 21:49   Link #44
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi - Utterly weak wimp in the beginning. Starts learning martial arts from several masters. Yet has no talent so he goes through hellish training to become good. Wins fight through variety, surprise and sometimes even just being underestimated.
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