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Old 2018-01-13, 21:34   Link #1
Azure Dragon reborn
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A character who's great at fighting and cocky becomes terrible when the rules change

I know it's an odd request. I've been a little interested in combat lately and how it's presented, in anime and manga and particularly LNs, and I started to wonder what this would be like. The concept is simple. A guy, maybe a hero or a rival/Lancer, is really cocky about his ability in a fight, because up until that point his standard "fights" were right up his alley and he was pretty much unbeatable, but then he's thrown into a new situation where the rules are completely changed and his skills just don't cut it. Two particular concepts leap to mind:
1: a guy is accustomed to one-on-one fights, and since he's that skilled he's pretty much never lost a fight. But then he winds up in a situation where he has to fight groups as a member of a party, and he's not accustomed to cooperation or facing large numbers; he may be able to hold his own with some support from the others, but he never pays attention to how those others are doing or how the fight's treating them.
2: a guy is accustomed to a firmly rule-based combat system, like maybe tournament-style kendo, and he's been able to rely on the knowledge that his opponents would not pull any dirty tricks. Then he finds himself in a "real" fight and finds that he's completely unequipped to handle opponents who will do absolutely anything they're physically able to do to win.

I'd rather avoid stuff where the entire combat method changes. Nothing like a swordsman who's screwed because everyone else fights with guns. The rules and circumstances of the combat change, not the method itself. Also, not something as simple as a big fish in a small pond becoming a small fish in a big pond. His relative level compared to others is still the same. Other than that however, just about anything goes as long as the guy is initially seriously cocky and then winds up in a place where circumstance means his "mad skills" just don't cut it. Also doesn't matter if it takes the guy a while to really notice that he's not doing so well.
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Old 2018-01-14, 01:34   Link #2
Cross Game - I need more
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Well... that sounds kinda like a typical Ranma 1/2 plotline...

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2018-01-14, 20:45   Link #3
Azure Dragon reborn
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Location: Texas
Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
Well... that sounds kinda like a typical Ranma 1/2 plotline...
Umm... a little different. In those, there are brief encounters with people who use abnormal techniques, but from the start the major characters were trained with an "anything goes" style. Not to mention that the cases I recall were very short and more about abnormal weaponry rather than a complete, long-term to permanent change to the situation. Like I said, I'm not looking for a swordfighter being introduced to guns. I'm looking for a guy who was near unbeatable who suddenly finds that the circumstances, the measurement of victory, or the sort of tricks that are allowed or not allowed suddenly change.
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Old 2018-01-16, 10:06   Link #4
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Fake Akagi playing Washizu Mahjong (a high-stakes version of Mahjong with transparent tiles) in Akagi comes to mind. However Fake Akagi is a minor character and the real Akagi has no such problem.
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Old 2018-01-16, 20:51   Link #5
Mad Pierrot
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I think this happens with too many Beyblade players from season 3 (G Revolution). Most of them are experts playing one-on-one but start taking part in tournaments where they have to compete in two versus two battles. As a result, the guys have to adapt to the new rules and as a result, they befriend their partners.

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