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Old 2012-02-08, 02:44   Link #1
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Chronicle (2012)

I didn't see a thread for this film posted here suprisingly, so I'm going to make it here. I think it's worth talking about with all the positive buzz it's generated since it's release. I'm sure you folks have heard of this film and a good amount of you may have even saw it since it came out a few days ago. I saw it yesterday. First and foremost it's a different film in the most obvious sense in how it's filmed. Similar to Cloverfield with the use of handheld cameras (except better executed in this movie) and not really a soundtrack. It's kind of bold in some aspects. The main director and writer are very young and it falls into a filming style that hasn't been explored that much because it's rather new.

Regardless of how ambitious it is, it's a great movie. The premise is quite simple and it's not too long for a movie. It's really a breath of fresh air and I suggest anyone that has time to check it out.

Here is a simple plot description and a trailer that follows for those who aren't familiar with Chronicle at all:

Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

For those of you that saw the movie:
Spoiler for My take from the film.:

For those that did see the movie I also suggest watching this interpretation from a video blogger on YouTube who reviews a good amount of movies (most of them Superhero based) and really has a good anaysis. Although this is a short, non-revealing review of the movie as he usually waits a couple of years to do in-depth analysis of films. Still, a nice viewing.


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Old 2012-02-08, 23:54   Link #2
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I had a outside date planned Saturday and it was raining so bad that me and my hawt new Vietnamese-Domincan (awesome combo right^^) date forced me to go see this...

It wasn't a bad movie, it's just an acquired taste...While the fact that the movie is shown entirely from the perspective of phone-cams, digital-cams, store-cams, security cams, etc.,; despite that being pretty ambitious it can make for a nauseating experience visually (although the flying scenes are pretty rad, but when isn't that rad?)...Shake cam city at times...

Didn't like how Steve's character was handled near the end, but I did think the last 20 mins of the film was great...It certainly leaves an impression on you...For some reason i felt like I was watching Magneto's origin story^^, but all in all, if you got a cute girl that wants to go see this, you should take her, but otherwise wait for the DVD if not DVR of this one...
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Old 2012-02-09, 01:17   Link #3
Marcus H.
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The plot reminds me strongly of Toaru Majutsu no Index, although it's more about "what happens when espers from Academy City suddenly find themselves in the normal world where their powers do not matter". Looks interesting, and that review is quite a good one too. I liked the reviewer's quote about facing the fear of creating an unoriginal plot for a movie, and it can quite be used in the anime industry as well, although it still leaves the success of the story to the rest of the production team.
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Kyero Fox
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The movie was great, I'll watch it again with other friends and get it on blueray.
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