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Old 2013-04-25, 01:22   Link #581
King's Justice
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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
Needing outside material to understand the story means the story itself isn't very strong on its own.
I'm referring mostly to minor details. The only big point is just never answered directly. Despite being limited, it tells a story...something that the anime never managed to do at all.

My problem with it was that the battle system is very middling. Some of the skills are essentially turn-based with their cutscene cinematics (see the Blade series and Charge Shot series), but it doesn't have any of the strategy or complexity of a true turn-based RPG like Pokémon or Shin Megami Tensei.
It's a a battle system Imageepoch used also for Last Ranker and later in Tokitowa with varying degrees of implementation (Tokitowa being probably the worst one) so while it is simple and repetitive it does what is set to do. Not the best one out there, but also not that bad. I found it limited only during the extra missions since the difficulty is higher.
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Old 2013-04-26, 22:57   Link #582
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didn't know where to post this so i'll post it here

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Old 2013-05-08, 19:57   Link #583
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I know this game's supposed to be mediocre and all that, but I'm past Chapter 3 and loving it. The end of that hit like a ton of bricks.
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Old 2013-05-08, 21:12   Link #584
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It's definitely an interesting story, and Maaya Sakamoto's work as "BRS" is excellent. I just don't think it's complete. There are far too many things left unexplained unless you look at outside sources.
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