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Old 2014-07-03, 12:45   Link #21
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Art looks really nice.
That's the first thing that caught my eye.
OP was oh so slice of life charming.
Not a bad choice to start off with a festival.
It's simple, yet it sucks you right in.
Might give this one a try..

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Old 2014-07-03, 12:48   Link #22
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Touko is moe <3
Instant follow for the moe-ness!

For the main male, I don't like him at all...
What with that kuudere like attitude? It irritate me...
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Old 2014-07-03, 12:55   Link #23
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Lol haha was that a declaring of war at the end?...
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Old 2014-07-03, 13:48   Link #24
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Spoiler for text:
Those were my impressions as well. It's absolute eye-candy, but something seems to about the characters. Also the way the new guy gets introduced feels like he's the antagonist of a Mecha-series, instead of a slice-of-life/romance show. The interactions and all those stares seemed unnatural indeed. And all that fussing with those chickens, what the heck? I did like how mum immediately came up with Chicken hotpot though, I like that kind of humor.
So I'm not sold yet, but will give it some more eps.
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Old 2014-07-03, 14:09   Link #25
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So... Is this really a slice of life show? Because the entire episode I almost expected for Guillotine Gorilla to show up and starting to cut off chicken's heads.
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Old 2014-07-03, 14:21   Link #26
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Spoiler for ep1:

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Old 2014-07-03, 14:31   Link #27
You disgust me.
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I find it rather surprising that PA Works are already pulling out cost cutting animation with this show right from the beginning. I saw a lot of "Shingeki no Kyojin"-esque still shots and some other cost cutting animations in this episode. Saving the best for later maybe?
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Old 2014-07-03, 14:33   Link #28
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Originally Posted by AntonKutovoi View Post
So... Is this really a slice of life show?
No, it's a romantic drama.

Anyway, it was okay. Nothing great but not bad. The MC is cute though I agree her voice actress sounded a bit amateurish. The Tsumugu clone was sort of creepy but it kinda fits. This is like a shoujo manga, the main love interest is always dark and mysterious. lol
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Old 2014-07-03, 15:09   Link #29
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Well, that's a first episode which really does nothing but introduce us to the characters and set the scene, so no real idea of where the show is going yet.
But it'll be fun finding out.
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Old 2014-07-03, 15:19   Link #30
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Allowing a chicken to roam freely in your room seems like a really bad idea. I can't imagine chicken guano does good things for carpets. Though I did like the humor with the mother deciding to make a chicken hot pot.

This series is kind of hard to judge at this point because so little has been revealed so far.

I thought it was interesting that most of the main cast is already a close knit group. I thought the interactions between those five were fine -in fact I quite liked seeing them interact. I did find the stuff with the main girl and the transfer student a bit weird though. I want a down to earth drama so the weird connection they seem to have which hints at some sort of destiny/supernatural aspect isn't entirely welcome.

Meh, not the greatest first episode ever, but its not bad enough to completely shatter my hopes in the series either. Besides its not like Tari Tari had the greatest start either. I'll probably give this one at least a few episodes.
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Old 2014-07-03, 15:34   Link #31
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What a beautiful episode, visually. I guess that's PA for you.

The whole chicken thing was weird. Really weird and hard to suspend disbelief over. The group of friends seems pretty well balanced though and all of them came across as likeable. The transfer student not so much, but then he isn't supposed to, so that's okay.

Did anyone else get really strong time travel vibes when Touko wished for her future self to be able to fix anything that goes wrong? Glass slip, time slip - it could work?

I look forward to seeing where this goes.
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Old 2014-07-03, 16:06   Link #32
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The first episode didn't tell me much apart from the characters and set the scene.
The interaction between the 2 main characters was odd.
imo they give the chickens too many screen time.
I'll watch the next episode and see what happens.
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Old 2014-07-03, 16:11   Link #33
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Well, the negative vibes from Nagiasu still are around PAW I hope this series doesn't turns out to be a mess like that.

Tari Tari wasn't that great but got to be amazing with the next episodes. I hope this is the case.
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Old 2014-07-03, 16:12   Link #34
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dont know why but somehow this strongly remind me of Tari-Tari or Nagi no Asukara especially the character

Something feel kinda wrong and disconnect in the 1st ep especially the character they are weird as hell. what up with transfer student? his action makes absolutely no sense, what is he trying to say?. what with the chicken?can they just take it home? and whats up with the open hostility? and in the ending why is the transfer student always in the background?let the poor bastard join!

lol at the end of episode bait. its quit obvious it doesn't mean what it looks like it suppose to mean. like a girl and boy moaning in a room and when you open the door they are actually messaging the shoulder or something
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Old 2014-07-03, 17:23   Link #35
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And we were wondering if this would have been a romantic drama or not. The romance geometry broke trough the front door without even knocking before, directly from the OP

Ok, the episode was definitely a PA works one, as everyone already noted, I mean, trains, bike riding, trains, fireworks, sea landscapes, sparkling water, glass making etc etc. But it was also very weird. First the stills, they felt out of place. Then the whole direction, disjointed and somehow rushed. It was like they wanted to quickly set up characters and the world settings. Like here is the pentagon romance, the new student, the chickens (Jonathan the roost it's just only by chance that was the one from elsewhere, right? ) and the whole mysterious supernatural connections. And insert comedy here and there that literally seemed inserted in the cheapest way.

The thing I like the most is that for once the gang didn't welcomed the new student at open arms but the exact opposite. At least it stays consistent with the impression I had of him. The things I liked less is that everything seems in the open, nothing subdued so far. As expected since Okada is not involved I dare say, but let's see, it's just the first impression. And the fact that it felt a mashup of True Tears / NnA and bits of TT.
Not very fond of the MC nor of the transfer student so far. Still it's a PA works so I'll stick to the end. But I'm curious to know why the t. student acts in that way.

I don't' know if it's just me but PAW seems having a trend here with this sort of male characters not so likable at first, starting with RDG then NnA and then this.

For a minor note about fireworks, usually you have the lights first and the sound afterward.

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Old 2014-07-03, 19:07   Link #36
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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
Characters/seiyuus page for this show. Pics of the main characters and their seiyuus, with a bit of info about each seiyuu.
Thank you very much for that, it's better than a Google or Wikipedia lookup.
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Old 2014-07-03, 19:32   Link #37
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feels too much like nagi no asukara....
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Old 2014-07-03, 19:58   Link #38
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I haven't seen chickens this much since I last went to KFC.

Speaking of which, the Colonel would be the perfect antagonist for this show.

In any event, P.A. Works delivers with what it's typically good for - Fantastic eye candy! Such eye candy managed to get me through a show as confusing as Red Data Girl, so it'll probably be enough to get me through this show as well.

... And it might have to since very little in this episode grabbed me except the eye candy (maybe the best fireworks I've ever seen in anime). The characters and their interactions have potential, but I'm not sure if they can carry the show unless the plot gets more interesting. The female lead is likeable enough, but she didn't grab my attention quite like Ohana or Noe did. As for the male cast...

Originally Posted by cleo1 View Post
Those were my impressions as well. It's absolute eye-candy, but something seems to about the characters. Also the way the new guy gets introduced feels like he's the antagonist of a Mecha-series, instead of a slice-of-life/romance show.
Agreed. In fact, one of the first two anime characters he made me think of was Valvrave's L-Elf. At the moment, he makes me think of a mid-point between L-Elf and Nagi no Asukara's Tsumugu. His direct, smooth, and short manner of speech is very Tsumugu, but he does feel a bit harsher than Tsumugu - More like L-Elf in that regard.
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Old 2014-07-03, 20:37   Link #39
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P.A Works, you done it again. Once again you never fail to entice with with another great series. It's almost as if the studio went back to their previous works and added some refining elements.

ie. We got a port town type of setting like Nagi no Asakura (well one of the settings from said series), tons of chickens like True Tears, and thirds years trying to make most of the time of their lives like Tari Tari (minus the choir club).

The animation at times was really pretty and unique at times because of the shifting between the normal everyday interactions and a mix of Kakeru's presence being oddly impacting as we saw when he made his appearances during situations. Touka, Yanagi, and Sachi calling him David as like in the statue was one of the highlights this episode.

We're one episode in and we've already got a few crushes and interesting characters to help move any kinds of romantic drama coming and going at times. My only concern is that I just hope it won't be over the top, but for now it's still one episodes in so I can't much as this point. Non the less, I'm really intrigued by Kakeru's character. There's not much on him other than "I'm destined to meet you" kind of character. His brief and unique interactions with Touko regarding the chickens was really cool as it sort of reminded me of Noe and Shinichiro's interactions from a certain work P.A Work regarding chickens... fun times.

So far the character that sort of leaves the least impact on me was Yanagi. To me, she sort of comes off as a "bitch", but at the times you can't fault her for it. Watching her is just like how Anju was to Jintan and was to Menma. Like I said...still first episode and characters can grow during a significant period of time.

All and all I have expectations for this series. First episode I had a blast and I can't wait for episode 2 next week. On that note: Anyone else besides me felt at times that despite Kakeru being a main character, he sort of has that lesser impact akin to a background character? Probably just me "shrugs shoulders".
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Old 2014-07-03, 21:07   Link #40
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Well not to bad of a start and the chickens are back
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