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Old 2009-01-10, 16:09   Link #1
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Anime Drawing software

Hi everyone. I've look all over the internet to find the definite solution for my drawing problem.

I just can't seem to find the RIGHT program to draw anime. I currently have photoshop CS4. The trial though, i'm planning to buy the real version if i'm satisfied with it's capabilities. (i can get it for 150 via my school for educational purposes so don't think i'm like a super hax0r or whatever) One major thing is the drawing of anime.

So since always, i've been using pscs2, but everytime i compared it with other anime, mine just sucked and was pretty noobish. So last night i went to sankaku complex and saw that a dude offered a HQ anime PSD for the outline. So i downloaded it and looked carefully at it. What i noticed that lines became thicker and thinner at places and were VERY crisp. The crispy-nes is my main issue.

When i draw in photoshop (i have a wacom bamboo now) i use a brush with 3/4px with fading set on pen pressure. I drew a line next to a line on the psd and mine was blurry at the edges, unlike the psd's.

So now i'm wondering the following.

Are there any special plugins/brushes for photoshop to draw anime, or should i purchase another program. I hear that painter is excellent for inking anime.

What should i do?
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Old 2009-01-10, 16:21   Link #2
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Use hard brush instead of soft, personally I like SAI better than Photoshop but when it comes around to it there isn't much difference. I think you should give some screen shot of your settings.

This may help too
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Old 2009-01-10, 16:36   Link #3
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Originally Posted by Izayoi View Post
Use hard brush instead of soft, personally I like SAI better than Photoshop but when it comes around to it there isn't much difference. I think you should give some screen shot of your settings.

This may help too
i swear to god, SAI is by FAR the best. It RULES photoshop in drawing. I don't know but the tablet sensitivity is SOOOOO much beter in SAI. I'm done with PS SAI all the way!
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Old 2009-01-11, 02:38   Link #4
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SAI is actually better for tablets and such so its better for drawing, If you think about it PS was originally designed for photo manipulation and they just built upon that base to get it where it is now.

Japanese Pro's use diffrent software depending on the artists some use PS some use SAI and some use both or other software like the RETAS animation suit(basically for making anime but you can draw in it too though its $$$$$, its the best there is for anime though). In the end you can really use any of them just have to develop different methods of doing things.

I personally like Vector based artwork so things like Maya, Inkscape, Illustrator and Rhino... My artist friend does all his sketching in Painter.
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Old 2009-01-11, 10:13   Link #5
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okay! good to know all of this. I will look into all the other software, but i think i'm sticking with sai for now. I started drawing in this and my lines are sooooo much better now. Thanks anyway!
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Old 2009-01-11, 18:45   Link #6
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Indeed PS isn't the greatest in response to Wacom pen preassure sensitivity (im not sure about the Centriq tablets, but I've used the Graphire 3 and 4) I noticed from different softwares that PS has practically the worst pen sensitivity in its brush system. I've never heard of this SAI thing before but im going to check it out now.

Some things I can recall working fairly well with the pen preassure has been Digicel Flipbook, Corel Painter, and Twisted Brush. PS I prefer because it's what i grew up with and because I can't master all my stroke on my tablet, so i don't rly illustrate much.
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Old 2009-01-12, 22:24   Link #7
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I use both "photoshop cs3" and "corel painter IX". I think its a good match, as each of the two softwares have their own areas of expertise. I've used "sai" before, and I have to agree that it would be the best out of the 3. Tho, my "sai" trial ran out lol... If I had "sai" I would probably use that together with photoshop, because photoshop is still helpful to do all the fine tuning once my drawing is near completion.

Btw, in response to why your photoshop brushes are so blurry.
1. pick a solid brush from the brush pallete. It should by default, be one of the top 6
2. press f5 to enter your brush editing window
3. click the text "brush tip shape", now the menu should change
4. under the tickbox "spacing", drag that bar to 0%

keep in mind, everytime you change ur brush from the brush pallete, that setting will change. That is, unless you define the edited brush as a new custom brush etc. Imo, just change the brush size with the % box to keep it the same settings and different size.

Btw, how big of a resolution was the HQ PSD file you downloaded from the artist? If you're sketching on the computer then 600x800 or something would be a relatively good canvas size. But if you were lineartting from a scanned picture, it may be wiser to enlarge the canvas to x3 or x4 the size of the final output image before lineartting. The bigger the canvas, the more crisp the lines are. Plus outputting from a larger source image will improve the final quality of the image.

If an image is portrait orientated, my working canvas size is usually around 2400px wide. The length is kept as constrained to proportion. My final output images would usually be 800px wide.

Also, if you ever plan on getting your work laser printed. Then before you draw, hit ctrl+alt+i and set the resolution to 300%. Notice your canvas size will also change, so just change that back. Its a good idea to change the resolution before all else.

If you somehow read through my overly lengthy post... I hope that was somewhat helpful XD; Good luck
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Old 2012-03-31, 23:11   Link #8
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opencanvas sai and ps together

i usaully use sai to make the lines as sai line tools are very easy and fast to use then i trace over those lines in opencanvas for better line strength and shaping after that i color and shade in photoshop i use a 100% hard brush for base colors and a 50% soft brush for shading also i never use paint bucket i use the layer system for all my coloring and shading. i recommend you get photoshop and then get a free download of sai and opencanvas as there are many sai and opencanvas torrents thats how i have mine.
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Old 2012-03-31, 23:54   Link #9
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*cough* three year old thread

Also, I'm pretty sure advocating software torrents here isn't the greatest thing to do.
thanks to Patchy ♥
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