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Old 2013-09-24, 12:08   Link #1
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Lightbulb Bakugan dead? Alternatives?

Well, I remember in year 6 playing Bakugan. This was about 3-4 years ago, im year 10 now, but the memories of that amazing game and the series still live with me. I no longer have all my bakugan, because I have moved country since then so only took 3 with me, as I no longer had an interest in the game.

Bakugan was the reason why school was great for me. I understand that now im year 10, I will not find another person who will battle me like I used to in year 6. I wish I could live like Dan, where everyone plays bakugan and everyone battles each other randomly on the streets. I really miss those days.

So anyway the point of this thread was to see if there was anyone on the same boat as me, and still loves Bakugan??! I currently watch Death Note, and ive started to watch Bakugan season 1 again!!! For the people who love/loved Bakugan, what alternatives are there now that are similar to it but NOT a card game, or EVEN better, how do you play Bakugan now a days? Is there some kind of online game like Pokemon Vortex?

Anyways I really don't know if that all made sense, but please share ideas with me about how to tame this love for an awesome game!!!!!

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Old 2013-12-24, 04:10   Link #2
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I wonder the same thing. I also started playing in Year 6, and I am in year 10 now as well (lol), and it was really sad to find out they closed the series and the product line. I heard from some older people that this is not the first time Sega and Spin Master cancel a game out (yes, bakugan is not the first collectors game they had, but many admit it was the best). I was looking up for any new news on Bakugan for over a year, howvere it looks that Bakugan is completely over. Sad but true.
Alternatives to Bakugan today? Well I dont really see anything even close to it. Spin master keeps making card games (the latest one I think is called Reddakai, but I dont really know what it is about), and they shutdown Bakugan dimensions (the only Bakugan online game, which was awesome!) two-three years ago. I still have all of my Bakugan (never moved anywhere), and they all lay neatly in a storage box with the most comfort possible, due to my utmost dedication (I have about a 100 left).
So as sad as it is, Bakugan is dead.
R.I.P. the best part of my childhood.
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