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Old 2017-07-16, 18:05   Link #201
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^ Someone clearly didn't read back in the thread. She married someone else looooong ago after she was confessed to and finding out that Jin only thinks of her like a little sister.
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Old 2017-07-16, 18:07   Link #202
Kaito Yamakage
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Originally Posted by Ratedhook522 View Post
Wait a minute, what happened to the red haired girl Beana?!?
There wasn't enough Mag-iagra.
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Old 2017-09-04, 15:53   Link #203
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amusingly, I wonder if he did use Elsa's attendant as an automata base for the lulz
lets roll
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Old 2017-11-25, 11:51   Link #204
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So while the WN is still seems the final volume of the LN is coming soon. And of course, this also means that the LN diverged quite a lot from the WN at some point, though that was evident when Jin and Elza got married a lot sooner than in the WN.
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Old 2017-11-25, 12:17   Link #205
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^Non-harem stories getting fulfilled romance = End of the series huh
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Old 2017-11-25, 12:31   Link #206
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^ The final vol is 13. They got married at the end of vol 10.
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Old 2018-10-01, 17:02   Link #207
NAJ P. Jackson
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I have this in my to read list for a long time and I finally decided to read this Novel and My God this MC embodies what I dislike with some of the Japanese MC in Novels. MC is a pussy with how he constantly try not kill his enemies even when they threatened and hurt his friends. I get that some of his enemies are mind controlled but not all of them are.

MC is also a Gary Stu when it comes to problem solving. Need something made? No problem I can build anything from Golems to Aircraft Carrier.

Elsa was also bland and a bit of a damsel in distress. I keep hoping she can do something like defend herself because it's been pointed out that she's a tomboy but her mannerism belays all that. Tbh I lost some of motivation to read when Beana got taken out as a harem candidate since I like her more than Elsa. The Author of this Novel is not very good at writing romance. I facepalmed when Beana went a 180 from having feelings for Jin to revealing of being in love with Earl Kuzuma in a short time span. That was a very badly written scene.

Originally Posted by Kaito Yamakage View Post
Spoiler for :
Beana could have been all that since she's already a magic craftsman thereby both her and Jin had something in common. Elsa was more of a magician/healer so she was insignificant in Jin's profession and adventures which is why the Author felt the need to have her learn crafting so she can be relevant.

Hanna is uninteristing. I tried to like her but I just couldn't.
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transfer to another world, webnovel

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