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Old 2006-07-30, 10:01   Link #41
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i believe that is the most important part witch evryone seems to be looking over.
The most important fact your looking over is that the kyuubi himself stated it as fact Sasuke sealed his chakra.
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Old 2006-07-30, 13:19   Link #42
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i think until you get more experience with what sasuke did it will be difficult to say its limits or uses.

Also its not really kishimoto extending teh series, did you really think they would resolve teh sasuke arc now? its the main drama of the series. And yeah maybe 4 tails could have beat sasuke, but really its irrelvant because the whole problem with using kyuubi is it destroys what he is trying to protect, his goal wasnt to kill sasuke, and thats all kyuubi 4 tails could do. As well as probably turning and destroying his teamates.
Naruto as himself is too weak to do what he wants to do which is capture and bring sense to sasuke. thus he needs training, the point of the sasuke arc was to show where sasuke is at after 3 years, and how he has changed, as well establish how naruto must grow. the akatsuki is still the main arc for now, and honestly is much more entertaining than sasuke at this point anyhow
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