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Old 2011-09-30, 17:14   Link #1
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Which anime talked about this concept?

Hey guys, I stumbled upon this video a few days ago, and this concept that they talked about really fascinated me. I was just wondering if any of the other animes have explored about a similar concept? The closest I could find is Ghost in the Shell, but that's more like Matrix.
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Old 2011-09-30, 17:32   Link #2
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I'd say this topic belongs in the suggestions part of these boards

It's over

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Old 2011-09-30, 20:27   Link #3
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Serial Experiments Lain perhaps? It explores reality and philosophy
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Old 2011-10-01, 08:20   Link #4
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Ghost in the Shell is like Matrix? That's news to me.

Anyway, you're being awfully specific about this. I liked the video, but what parts of it are you actually looking for? However I do remember one that maybe had something you're looking for, it's a movie called Mind Game. Other than that, I'd suggest Kaiba. It had some philosophical things concerning memories and whatnot.
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Old 2011-10-01, 08:26   Link #5
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Originally Posted by mecharobot View Post
Ghost in the Shell is like Matrix? That's news to me.
Well the Wachowski brothers did say that the opening titles from the original ghost in the shell film was the inspiration for the matrix code.
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Old 2011-10-01, 08:30   Link #6
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I can't say I've seen any shows that deal with death and reincarnation in quite the same way as that video. Since you mentioned GitS, there are two other shows by its creator, Shirow Masamune, that might have some appeal, Ghost Hound and Real Drive. Noein is based on the "multiple universes" interpretation of quantum theory so there are copies of the characters in the different universes. These are all sci-fi stories, though Ghost Hound has a good dose of mysticism as well.

You might also enjoy Albert Brooks's Defending your Life, a movie about the afterlife and reincarnation. Though it's a romantic comedy, it has a lot of philosophical musings as well.
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Old 2011-10-02, 23:17   Link #7
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Ergo Proxy... Might work for you...

Bleach... Is kind of like that...

Shakugan No Shana....


But none of those have legos in them.... And they are all kind of about that but not really the same.. LOL..
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Old 2011-10-03, 00:10   Link #8
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Ah Legos... reminds me of more innocent times.
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