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Old 2014-02-04, 00:34   Link #1
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Blu rays with inferior functionnality than DVDs...

I was extremely annoyed to notice that some Funimation Blu-ray DVD/Combos (Last Exile S2, Guilty Crown) can't be played with English voices and English subtitles (at least on a PS3) but that the DVDs in the same case can....

Anyone have the same issues ?
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Old 2014-02-04, 09:46   Link #2
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It's a defense against "reverse importation." Now that the US and Japan are both in the same region for Blu-ray, Region A, Japanese rights holders realized that the availability of US BD releases at substantially lower prices than their Japanese equivalents posed a threat to their domestic revenues. So they have required that licensors like Funimation employ a variety of BD features to make the US versions less appealing to Japanese purchasers. In some cases you cannot watch the Japanese track without the subtitles showing. Blu-ray has a more expansive set of controls that distributors can employ compared to the DVD standard so you'll see differences in the releases between the two formats.
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