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Old 2008-05-19, 06:24   Link #41
Secret Society BLANKET
*Graphic Designer
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Lowe's OC Depot


This will be my reference post for this thread, and as always will be updated with each work posted.

  • Device Profiles
  • Rhythm Edge - Goddess of the Azure Sky


Worlds In a Nutshell: Celica
TASK ONE: Prologue


EXCOM Intelligence Database:

Against all the evil that hell can conjure, all wickedness that mankind can produce... We will send unto them, only you.

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The Resurrector
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This will be my repost.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, GuardianS

Chapter List
Character List
  • Special Investigation Corps 56, Intelligence Department
  • The Templars
    • ???
    • Grandia Estrediel Paladien
    • Sharazad Estrediel Paladien
    • Vestrell Floriene
    • Trystahn Reynarth
  • The Magi
    • ???
    • Lazarus Exoradeon – Archmagus of Apocalypse
    • Ardus Garuda – Magus of Pandemonium
    • Valtroth Bahamut – Magus of War
    • Goldiath Serpentear – Magus of Plague
    • Phelixys Damarein – Magus of Destruction
    • Melariel Mortis – Magus of Death
    • Hellecrys Amadeus – Magus of Catastrophe
    • Rubeus Ignisis – Magus of Holocaust
    • Barissia Nethremus – Magus of Desecration
  • Central Laboratories
    • Zakharov Alexei Chevaron

Reference List

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Old 2008-05-19, 07:22   Link #43
He Who Smites Shippers
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And this shall be my reference post for future posts and reference material.


Kinda depressingly empty at the moment though.

Time to fix that!


Hell's Angels, Independent Enforcer Unit
  • Vivio Takamachi, Angel 01, Front Attacker
  • Iris Kingswood, Angel 02, Center Guard
  • Rex "Hotshot" Atkins, Angel 03, Fullback

Kill the Darkfic.
Burn the Angst.
Purge the Bad End.

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Old 2008-05-19, 07:37   Link #44
OC Belka Scriptor
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Age: 37
I copy this post from the old thread as I'm not able anymore to change it there.

Here is everything I've written so far:

Elric Thorn
Rinya Shuri A'Kalash
Aneesha Thorn A'Kalash

Memories of Blood and Sorrow:
Nightfall - a MGLN Dark Future Setting:
Random Story Stuff
Random Picture Stuff
- I changed the part numbers of my main story from 0-3 to 1-4. It makes more sense that way.

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Old 2008-05-19, 08:12   Link #45
Must Bury Qiqi
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Formerly Iwakawa base and Chaldea. Now Teyvat
Age: 41
My simple OCs:

Some members of the TSAB Intelligence Department

Roland Rafale

Diana Dornier

TSAB Navy Recon and Exploration Cell - The Conquistadores

Kyoya Kibagami, the leader

Pranee Chamlong, the cook

Sieraza, Pranee's familiar who used to be a thief and a musician.

Antigone Kolokouri, mage and scholar with her staple summon, Arngrim

Ynana, the ship operator. And last member of her specie.

Non-aligned characters

Morgan de Havilland, pirate.
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Old 2008-05-19, 08:47   Link #46
Wild Goose
Truth Martyr
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Age: 35
Okay, here's the proper story list post for the OFM fics; I'll continually update it and Ghaz can link it to the main page.

A little bit of backstory is in order; around August 2007, Kagerou approached me and told me that he was taking a group I had created (a PMC of magic users) and was porting it over to the Nanoverse, having recently discovered Outer Cadia. We both worked on the OFM's history, ideas and backstory, building up things, with a bit of give and take in our approaches (Kagerou favored more fantasy-ish elements, I was a more mil-sf/tactical/hot blooded approach to things). The OFM was our joint project until Kagerou moved on to real life, so that's why some links will be written by me and some by Kagerou.

In brief, the Order of Freelance Mages are the TSAB's blackops people. Anything secret, anything black, anything that can't see the light of day: these are the guys and girls who do the TSAB's dirty work.

What is the OFM?
OFM Primer

The Erusian War of Subjugation

Briefing Document/OFM Overview

Spoiler for Excerpt from OFM "handbook":

The People:

Erick von Long, Commander of the Order
- Spell List

Glen Schattenmann, Executive Officer of the Order
- Spell List
- Id

Emili Nailo, Officer of the Order
- Spell List

Franz Jaeger, Platoon Commander of the Order
- Skillset & Spell List
- Relationships (In progress)

A.J. Ivanovich, Sergeant Major of the Order
- Spell List

Naomi Jaeger, Aerial Mage of the Order
- Spell List

Master Chief John-117, Non Comissioned Officer of the Order
- Abilities, Skills, & Spell List

Mikhail Dornitz, Intelligence Officer of the Order

The Gear:
Type-G3C Barrier Jacket / Ghost Armor
Type-ODST Barrier Jacket

Entropy through Order: From the files of the Order of Freelance Mages:

Intro pieces: (Alpha Canon)
200th Hour (MC0072: Naomi experiences her 200th hour during a training excercise)
Platinum Lucifer/Silver Angel (Emili on a black op gone wrong)
Ash to Ash (Glen vs Signum)
Elevation (Erick assasinating a corrupt TSAB official)
Five Minutes to Lose, pt. 1 (Franz is "befriended" by Nanoha)
Five Minutes to Lose, pt. 2

Sorairo Days -- First Arc: The Light Before We Land
Sorairo Days -- Second Arc: Sky-colored
Sorairo Days -- Third Arc: Liberation of Belzac, Part 1
Sorairo Days -- Third Arc: Liberation of Belzac, Part 2
Snatch & Grab (Ivanovich and Franz lead Bravo Squad, Assault Platoon, in capturing TSAB traitor Vincenza Blueno)

Light Hearts, Hot Blood, Crack, and Lulz (Semi-canon, not directly affecting Alpha)
Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Misunderstandings on relationships)
Three guys and a bottle of Vodka (Franz and Mikhail receive an unexpected old friend while drinking)
PT is lotsa fun...Right? (Franz and the Assault Platoon enage in epic lulz during PT)

On Call (An OFM mage cancels Valentines plans to respond to a terrorist threat)

For those interested, the OFM's influences were, in no particular order: Delta Force, SAS, SEAL Team Six, ODST Marines, ONI.
One must forgive one's enemies, but not before they are hanged.Heinrich Heine.

I believe in miracles.

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Old 2008-05-19, 08:52   Link #47
Melodius Trueheart
Der Erbe zu Altem Belka
Join Date: Nov 2007
Age: 32
This is my contribution so far:

The Lords of Remnant Belka (Belkarum Herrenritter)

Alejandro De Sevilla, Verdus Seraphus

Yeshu Malkanies, Herren des Schallen

Vivali Zeltisberg, Magus Pontifex Belkarum

Sanctus Remnant Belkarum General Issue:

Magnus Tollerman (w.i.p.)

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Sleepy head
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Location: KL, Malaysia
This shall be my OC depositary, regardless the fact that I'm no longer all that active anyway.

Jean Sneijder
Sylvia Bannes
Fel Rilifane (w.i.p)
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Old 2008-05-19, 10:38   Link #49
Σ(。д°(o--(ಠ益ಠ )
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I claim this spot for my use. I'll have more in the future.



The Knight of Calamity - Noland Reiniger
The Knight of Two ver.

The Guardian of the World - Solomon

The Ordinary Iron Chef - Kevin

The Knight's Sisters - Cecilia and Remilia



The Gospel of Judas
Food for Thought

Obligatory Timewarp Episode

Random Pairing Shorts


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~Night of Gales~
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Wha- Whai-

This destroys my half-completed backlog breaker from Outer Cadia Ein. ;_;

... meh, whatever.


This will be my reference post.

(Old OC List)

Before Nanoha: Chronicles of Gil Graham
~Magical Boy Classical Graham~

~Magical Boy Classical Graham : BeginningS~

~Magical Boy Classical Graham : Aces~

~Magical Boy Classical Graham : AdmiralS~
  • On indefinite hold

Belka Ataraxia Romance
~Before Saga~

TSAB : Behind the Light of AceS and StrikerS


Though honestly, it's be much appreciated if this old compilation could be transfered here instead. -_-

Nighty, reporting...


Before Nanoha : Chronicles of Gil Graham

~Magical Boy Classical Graham~

[Artificial Receptionary Intelligence Android Type-Weapon]

Florentina "Flora" Chrysler Lieze
[TSAB Rear Admiral, Dimensional Navy Fleet]


~Before the Preludes of Tragedy~


SAGA of Saga
~The Belkan Ataraxia Romance of the Night Sky~


~A Story of Promise of Time Immemorial~


TSAB : Behind the Light of AceS and StrikerS
~There are always those who exist beyond what we seel~
  • Austin Gloster Abrams
    [TSAB Air Force Drill Instructor, Ground-Agressor]


Night~and~Gale: ~ The Final Mythology of the Man who Defied Destiny.

The sleeping lion shall awaken beyond the depths of time, crossing ten billion lights, come to Terra.
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Wild card
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Index post.

The fic is still unnamed, i'll see about the name after i've introduced the last main OC of the story

Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: The Tower
Chapter 3: Time in the World
Chapter 4: Light at the End of the Tunnel
Chapter 5: eeeh, at some point
"Life is the only game in which the object of the game is to learn the rules." Unknown
"The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it." Norman Schwarzkopf
"Whoever stands by a just cause cannot possibly be called a terrorist." Yassar Arafat
Sayings and quotes hold wisdom in them. Either the wisdom is found in the correctness of the quote, or in the lesson learned from the error.
Hard part is figuring out who's making the errors...

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Old 2008-05-19, 11:52   Link #52
Nuclear Fusion
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Age: 34

Doesn't feel any different, does it? :3

I guess I'll stake my claim here, then:

Complete Works:
Asuka Ikari Tsukuyomi

Works In Progress:
As-yet-unnamed OC

Planned short involving one or other of the above...

Assuming I'm not completely lazy, I'll keep this up to date. :3
*hoists the flag of Cadia*
In my hands, a sun, that my path may be lit.
At my back, the sky, so I may be free to soar.
In my eyes, hell, for it is my cradle and grave.
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Saint X
VxR Productions
*IT Support
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Send a message via MSN to Saint X
Saint X Character Vault

A lone Mobile Constrcution Vehicle stops in the middle of an area called Neo-Cadia.

The land is flat, with lush growth all around- wild and uncivilized land...

Perfect for a new beginning...

"Finally, A Place worthy of the Saint..."

Saint X Productions
Character and Idea Vault

Spoiler for Premises of Setting:

Spoiler for The Peoples:

Construction in Progress

PS: will edit later

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The Dang-meister
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Well, here's a minor redux of Hayato's profile

Spoiler for Hayashi Hayato:

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Post Index Post

Tankor, Pulverize!

Ehem. Sorry.

Tormenk, standing by..

Index post, as said above. Updated when more crack stuff is written and posted here.

P.S.: Images are there to provide a visual basis. In no way are the characters ports of the image themselves. And don't sue the guy who can't draw for using images he finds nice.


Neutral Entities


[Young Noble "Silver Siren"]

[Prideful Mage "Crimson Herald"]

[Reluctant Immortal "Beholder of Regret"]

- An enigmatic young girl, her past is only known by a select few.


The Storyteller


The Prize

Gen Ealin [Rouge Enforcer "Black Fist"]

- A man who holds a deep grudge towards the TSAB, the former Enforcer joins the Prize after exacting his revenge.


Prizes of the Deck

Jac Kell [Silent Killer "The Jackal"]

- Quiet and unwavering, hidden motives guide his actions. Coldly efficient, he is the leader of the Jacks, an all-purpose group of mages within the Prize.


G.J.Jag ["Azure Storm"]

- Scarred by a rough childhood, he is defined by his instinct to survive.


Jas Ellen ["Dead-aim Markswoman"]

- An runaway that struggles to establish her worth while looking for the touch she never had.


Jec [ Girl of Tragedies "False Apostle"]

- Raised by the organization that murdered her family, the young girl follows the path that has been set for her.


Random drabbles/oneshots

Katrina ponders about the road a certain Deathwing was travelled thus far and where it will lead to.

Twisting of Fate
Without the strength of words, Fate stains her blade red in blood.

Megane recalls the end of her life as she knew back then, and a living part of her nightmare comes back to haunt her.


the old index post, if anyone's interested.

On a after thought, perhaps I'll add in daemon Mai crack and Vivio's visit to the demented dentist. Though both counts as crack right now.

"Are you afraid of change? Or are you afraid to change?"

"Wheel turns, river flows and life goes on."

"Best way to kill a man, is to leave him alone."

"Until you come, until we close our eyes."

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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post

Though honestly, it's be much appreciated if this old compilation could be transfered here instead. -_-
Done, i added all the information to your post above. Or did you want it as a separate post ? that is doable as well; i said i am open to requests regarding the "thread switch"
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Well this is joyous @.@

People are transferring over fairly fast :3
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Evangelion Xgouki
NERV Personnel
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Send a message via AIM to Evangelion Xgouki Send a message via MSN to Evangelion Xgouki

Division 66 (NERV)


Settling In
Double Action
Masked Rider System
In the Shadows


1st Lt. Shamsel Nagisa

Spell List

Reporting In
Early Reflections
The Scars We Bear
A Piece of the Past
A 'Normal' Day
My Partner
Darkness Within, pt. 1

2nd Lt. Ryotaro Nogami

Spell List


1st Lt. Evangeline 'Tsurugi' Kamishiro

Spell List

Master Sergeant Megumi Kurenai

Crimson Meetings, pt 1

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Evangelion Xgouki
NERV Personnel
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MCV reporting

*MCV screeches to a halt on the new territory with armed escort*

"Alright, deploy it here and start construction ASAP! Let's get this new base up and runnin' people!"

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
[Master Arm Locked]

Considering the initial concept, I kinda feel this next scenario is somewhat... rushed. Then again it wasn't meant to be long so...

Presenting a short humble scenario entitled:

Spoiler for Thirst:
Very cute bit there . Haven't seen Mai and S&W in a while. Glad to see their getting some fic time

Oh, and Kansetsu Kissu FTW!!!!!

Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
He's just acting up because he found out that he's going to get shafted in Macross OC, even though he's the only person with charecter shields.

Right, anybody else wanting to be in Macross OC, speak now or forever hold your peace (and get pwnt by DELICIOUS CULTURE).

Roles in Macross OC are as follows; Marine Valkyrie Pilot (most screentime), Support Staff (Lesser screen time), MEchanics (Don't go here unless you like ark, he's a Mechanic), infantry or destroid pilot.

Marine Valk pilots who die between Pluto and Earth can be assured of a gar death worthy of at least the Silver Star. One member has graciously volunteered to be the first to die and his death will be epic. After Millia shows up, however, all bets are off.
...what about the ones who have to find them and save their rears from the battlefield?

Originally Posted by PhoenixFlare View Post
... One word to say it all: HAWT!

Her history is sad, especially about the lost of her family. Her life is a roller-coaster ride, it seems, what with her being on the wrong side of law, and then integrated into the Bureau (why do I have a feeling that Project ZECT is a pet project of Jail Scaglietti? Fortunately it isn't ). Luckily, her newfound friendship with Melissa provides her with a new perspective .

The Rider reference is ... .
Well, I figured I'd been putting off a female OC for some time now so might as make my first one hawt . And you can't have enough Rider references!

Originally Posted by PhoenixFlare View Post
Goodie! Ryotaro finally finds himself a rival in the form of Evangeline. I bet he'll find her more than a match for him . Nice touch on the project's background, didn't find much wrong there.
We'll just have to wait and see how they interact

Originally Posted by ghazghkull View Post
Tempest this is how you do it:

*Activates Hyper Zector*


*One, Two, Three, flips the horn over*

"Hyper Kick"

*flips the horn over*


*Runs up to Kha and obliterates him with an all powerful Hyper Kick*

A decent attack, but none compared to this one:

*pulls out the Perfect Zector which combines with the 4 Zectors and presses the 4 buttons*

Kabuto, Sasword, Drake, TheBee Power. All Zector Combine.



*fires off the massive energy attack*

Originally Posted by Estavali View Post
Thus ends my two cents. But before I return to that empty void called Lurk-Space, allow me to present my personal choice in this matter:


Originally Posted by ghazghkull View Post
lol *puts down the coffee*

coffee doesn't work for me actually :3

all it does is make me more tired than I already am :3
I'll stick with tea
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Eva! You double posted!


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hayaurion, kaonland, keroland, khrack, original content

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