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Old 2014-11-23, 23:21   Link #1
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「ME!ME!ME! feat. daoko」 TeddyLoid - SUPER NSFW

Well I haven't seen a thread dedicated to this so why not.

Studio Khara, headed by Hideaki Anno, has been doing a "Japan Animator Expo" thing where they release a different animated short each week, for a planned total of 30. The third short, 「ME!ME!ME! feat. daoko」 by TeddyLoid, came out recently and has been building up a lot of notoriety.

A warning to everyone, this video is extremely NSFW. Like the kind where unless you're in a professional art-related field playing this at work could get you fired instantly. Be in a good location when you play this. And if you're not the right age to view pretty sexual content, you shouldn't watch this.

This video has been re-upped and taken down numerous times on youtube. I think vimeo still has its copy. For the link above you want to press the button on the right when the video plays in order to skip the intro and get to the actual content.

The video is basically a condemnation of the anime industry and its sexualization of its characters. There's many different ways to interpret this, and to some it's probably just senseless fanservice. If you feel that way, the video has probably done its job turning you away from anime. Others, this is kind of sad, but sobering take on the state of anime.
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This is part of the Anime Expo Shorts series, which already has a thread in Movies/OVAs/Specials area of the forum, so for now I will lock this thread.

Please pm me if you want you post to be merged into that threadas well, found here:
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