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Old 2007-06-03, 14:50   Link #1
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[MANGA] shounen-ai ish supernatural and highschool yaoi/shounen-ai

Also id like to make a request for manga, im looking for somehting alike to xxxHolic, LegalDrug, Loveless, Vampire Knight (and a bit of Kekkaishi mystery)

simply put:

- something supernatural
- has two males as main characters (male x male fluff, maybe even yaoi, i wouldnt mind that but it DOESNT have to be that way as long as there are 2 males in the leading role.. i really dont like stick up kawaii girls running around showing fanservice.. not that i dont mind but as a female reader id rather have guys in a main role than females because female lead role ones are easy to find)
- it hasnt been made into an anime
- if possible is set in a normal modern day setting

the reason why i am asking for manga is because i want to read something that isnt pretty well known, most of the times an anime series gains its popularity with the public and thats mostly how i come in contact with it as well (since i am a weekly series checker) however i hardly keep up with manga series that come and go that arent being made to an anime and because of this i sort of miss out on a part of the fun, fine examples that i found out about are Legal Drug and Junk

as for being complete or not, i dont mind if it is licensed or not or whetter it just started being published as long as it isnt super well known amongst anime fans, because the hyped populair stuff is mostly already read by me

and one more manga shounen-ai ish suggestion:
counting as the same rule as the above for not being made into an anime
howevr a manga series that is shounen-ai ish, that is good and fun to read (i read some manga in this setting but seriously.. it was so flat in story line that i actually didnt bother to check anything else out for my own mental health lol) and that is then set in a comedy / romance high school setting, dont be tricked though im not looking for any female x male stuff, just male x male that isnt made as if the people just watched too much hentai on TV and decided to make something flat storylined as a manga with boysxboys love, it doesnt have to be hard core yaoi (preffered not even, i dont mind some yaoi but a manga that has only yaoi and hardly any other talk or situations is just too much for me @-@ )
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Old 2007-06-03, 15:06   Link #2
G. Zeus
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Meh. Yaoi/shounen-ai is several notches below yuri and even incest when it comes to taboo in fiction (i.e. the genre with the smallest audience). Not really my cup of tea but whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, you could check out some of the scanlations at Storm in Heaven. Although a good portion of manga there would also appeal to readers who stick to straight characters (ex. Kobatotei Ibun, Natsukashi Machi no Rozione, Byakuya Zaushi, Koudelka, Yumekui Kenbun, etc.), most of the titles available on the site are yaoi/shounen-ai.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
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Old 2007-06-03, 15:20   Link #3
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You know that you're asking for very rare stuff.

I'm tempted to suggest a manga that I love very much, but it only fits your criteria in a certain way. I'd say it mostly depends on your interpretation of things... but you listed xxxHOLiC which never makes things very obvious either, so it might be fine with you. Anyway, you might want to try After School Nightmare (this is the title used for the American release by Go! Comi, the original title is Houkago Hokenshitsu) by Setona Mizushiro.

Here's the summary that was posted by Catgirls in the Manga forum:
You have just awakened to find your darkest, ugliest secret revealed to classmates who would do anything to destroy you. This is what's happened to Ichijou Mashiro, whose elite school education turns into the most horrifying experience of his life when he's enlisted by a mysterious school nurse to take an after-hours class. Only those who pass the class will graduate, and the only way for Mashiro to pass is to enter into a nightmare world... where his body and soul will be at the mercy of his worst enemies. Can Mashiro keep his life-long secret - that he is not truly a "he" nor entirely a "she" - or will he finally be "outted" in the most humiliating way possible?
Mashiro's body actually is male for the upper part, whereas the rest is female. This makes him look more like a boy, which is the gender he has decided to act as. Of course character development ensues and two characters end up getting closer to him - one male, one female. While the scenes with the girl would look like hetero stuff (and never went very far, actually), the other scenes can look very shounen-ai ish if you want them to. The supernatural side of things (each character appears in the dream world as the form that's most-fitting to their mind) is very well handled - I'm mostly suggesting it because it's not totally focused on a yaoi relationship without any decent backstory (which is the thing that makes the very good titles you've listed so good).
The manga is definitely not very well known... it's gathered more readers than I'd have expected in France, but it's not a huge success either (a nice small fanbase). 7 or 8 volumes are out in Japan, I don't remember exactly - and it looks like the first 4 were released in English by Go! Gomi (yay, Asuka has released 5 in French ). I'm sure scanlations exist in case you'd rather get an idea of the story this way, but I don't know up to what point. No anime adaptation in sight, unfortunately (it would probably make for something wonderfully stylish if treated right).

The author has written a yaoi one-shot too, but it doesn't have any supernatural elements (your typical love story thing, even though it was a nice read and had its share of funny moments). Still, it shows that she can write with the genre in mind.
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Old 2010-12-29, 00:28   Link #4
The Beautiful Disaster
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sex therapist might work, however it is VERY graphic. The supernatural part to it is that the "therapist" can transform himself into the guy that his client is linging for and thus helps them...relieve themselves o.o
hope it helped, I dont know too many that havent been made into anime :/

btw @Katapan, what is the pic in ur siggy? jc, it looks familiar
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