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Old 2011-01-17, 22:25   Link #1
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Odd Request

An odd thought popped into my head just recently. Is there an anime where the protagonist falls in love with a person only to find out that the person they love is gay/a lesbian, and sets out trying to make that person fall in love with him/her?

Yeah I know it's and odd request but the idea just fascinates me for whatever reason. If you can't think of 1 then if then it can be a "He loves her, but she hates him" scenario.

Please and thanks?

(In case it's confusing i want it to be that a Man is after the lesbian, or the woman is after the gay.)
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Old 2011-01-17, 22:34   Link #2
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Both are guy after lesbian here:

Kannazuki no Miko though it's an odd series and
Spoiler for Spoilers:

Working - two of the side characters fall into this
Spoiler for Spoiler:
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Old 2011-01-17, 22:39   Link #3
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Woo Thanks. You rock xD
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Old 2011-01-18, 11:23   Link #4
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Second those above.

Well there is also Mai HiME... the guy is after a girl who hates him and later there is string impication that she goes to the gay side... However, guy plays small part in the show.

A bit different but how about Bamboo Blade where it is reverse and you have a straight couple with lesbian stalker? It got out a lot of lulz from me.
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Old 2011-01-18, 12:35   Link #5
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I would definitely second Working!!. It's great.
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Old 2011-01-18, 14:33   Link #6
Kleo Scanti
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Mahou Tsukai Tai. Sae likes Takeo, but is confused by that feeling and can't decide whether it's "love" or "respect". Takeo has similar feelings towards her, and generally likes girls (a lot). Aburatsubo is Takeo's childhood friend and admirer who doesn't hide his feelings, but his love is obviously one-sided. Nanaka, Sae's childhood friend, is in love with Aburatsubo, and it's one-sided love once again.
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