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Old 2011-01-21, 10:12   Link #1
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Realistic mafia/yakuza

Does anyone know about a realistic mafia/yakuza anime? Preferably with awesome car chase (I'm a sucker for car chases... )
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Old 2011-01-21, 10:49   Link #2
Join Date: Sep 2007
That depends on how good your Japanese is.

A lot of good, realistic Yakuza manga are not scanlated, for reasons why I have no clue.

As far as anime goes, most of the good Yakuza manga are not made into anime. Who knows why? The only ones that come close are Akagi, Tokyo Tribes 2, and Gungrave.

I mean, you're looking for stuff like these, right:

If you don't know're out of luck....because I have not found these to be scanlated anywhere
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Old 2011-01-21, 11:43   Link #3
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Join Date: Jan 2011
no japanse in me. I wanna learn though.... but still.... thank you!
and BTW, i found that tokio tribe 2 really cool! do you know if there's any cool car chase in any episode?
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Old 2011-01-21, 11:47   Link #4
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Join Date: Jul 2007
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is a big MUST for you!

It has a big mafia/yakuza organization which tries to take others organizations under their control. The organization posses the greatest assasin known as Phantom and later a new member (new potential Phantom) joins them... well truthully he was forced to join.

It doesn't involve any fantastic elements, fully realistic with normal guns, knives, cities, cars, outfits and etc.

The only thing it lacks is car chase... but it has other epic moments
But you can see them speeding up on cars or bikes quiet often.
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Old 2011-01-21, 12:28   Link #5
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Black Lagoon, although it might not be realistic enough for you.
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Old 2011-01-21, 13:19   Link #6
AS Oji-kun
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In particular, the final arc of Black Lagoon, Second Barrage, entitled "Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise." To my mind it's the best of the Black Lagoon tales with my favorite yakuza boss in all of anime.

I don't remember if there's a car chase (there might be one near the end), but otherwise it has more than enough action including splitting bullets with a sword. The show follows the usual unrealistic aspects of the genre, like none of the protagonists ever being killed no matter how many bullets are flying around. On the other hand, the back stories of the characters bring a sense of realism that isn't always apparent in shows of this genre.
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