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Old 2011-01-14, 03:34   Link #1
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[Music] Need some help!

I know this is kind of a weird place to ask, but I figured "what the hey" and that it would probably have the best responses of any place I know of to post. Anywho...

So, I participated in a local anime convention's "Anime Idol" contest and won the whole thing last year. The convention is quickly coming back around this March and I have been requested by the admin committee to perform at the opening ceremonies as well as possibly be a judge for this years contest.

"Cool!" I thought, but then I realized that I haven't been really keeping up to date with any anime lately at all due to just not having a lot of free time. So, I am looking for some help in a recommendation for possible songs that I could look into that are preferably up beat and a good way to kick off a con weekend to get everyone excited and pumped!

I am a guy who's voice is around the baritone (high bass) /tenor 2 (low tenor) area. I won last year on 2 performances. Both were songs by Miyamoto Shunichi and were the acoustic version of Byakuya ~True Light~ and Michishirube from the anime D.N. Angel to give you an idea of my vocal range.

Any suggests are greatly appreciated! TIA!
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Old 2011-01-14, 04:30   Link #2
Mou Nakanai~
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Moon (where Feena at <3)
Interesting request indeed.

Seirei no Moribito OP, "SHINE", sounds like a good choice for you. The introduction lyrics fits the occasion too, kind of.

Spoiler for Originally performed by L'Arc~en~Ciel:
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Old 2011-01-14, 14:05   Link #3
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Try your voice singing this song entitled "Sagittarius" second ending of Nodami Contabile 1st Season.
Spoiler for Performed and song by Suemitsu:
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Old 2011-01-18, 16:34   Link #4
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Thanks for the great suggestions guuchan & christinemarie! Does anyone else have any suggestions? For those that don't know it, here is a link to the 2 songs I sang previously:

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Old 2011-01-18, 17:53   Link #5
AS Oji-kun
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It's tough to find OPs with male performers!

I'll suggest "Summer Rain," the opening to the excellent Cross Game. (Starts about 0:56 into the episode.) From the looks of this live concert performance, the song is pretty popular!

"Summer Rain" is rather mellow, though. For a more upbeat song, there's the OP from the recent Durarara!! called "Uragiri no Yūyake (裏切りの夕焼け; Betrayal of the Sunset)".

Finally, though it's a song by Western group Oasis, "Falling Down" was the opening song for the highly popular Eden of the East. Anime viewers would certainly recognize it.
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Old 2011-01-18, 17:56   Link #6
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Thanks for the suggestions SeijiSensei. Keep in mind that the song I choose to do does not have to be an opening or closing. It just needs to be from anime, an Asian based game, or something pop/rock from Asian. So, Japanese, Korean, etc. I just have been so out of the loop as of late that I don't have the time to search and then learn if I know some people on here prefer to and listen to it all the time.
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Old 2011-01-18, 20:19   Link #7
Guardian Enzo
Seishu's Ace
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Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
It's tough to find OPs with male performers!

I'll suggest "Summer Rain," the opening to the excellent Cross Game. (Starts about 0:56 into the episode.) From the looks of this live concert performance, the song is pretty popular!
Damn - two vocalists, three percussionists, string section... What a production!
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Old 2011-01-20, 00:25   Link #8
SHSL Lurker
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My recommendation is a song I currently adore - Star Driver's opening, Gravity .

I'm also seconding Sagittarius, Uragiri no Yuuyake, and Falling Down. A song similar to Sagittarius would be NC's opening Allegro Cantabile Sound. Durarara!!'s second opening Complication would also fit, although there is one rap part in the song that might be pretty hard.

Code Geass songs would be excellent as well, particularly something like Colors and World End. My favorite out of all of them is Hitomi no Tsubasa, but I think you'd have to have a pretty wide range to pull it off.

OHSHC's Shissou is also a pretty epic song with a lot of energy in it, and many people will recognize it as well.

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Old 2011-01-20, 21:28   Link #9
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Awesome suggestions as well! I will check those out too. One things for sure, I will post what ever I do once I can after the con this year.

Here is the first semi final round from last year when I won. I was scared as heck! But, I was able to calm down by the latter half of the song and get into a bit better. Doesn't help that the camera recording was a little point and shoot, but whatever. I had fun and that is all that matters.
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