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Old 2011-02-16, 11:41   Link #1
floating away...
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How to go from youtube to MP4?

I'm incredible noob about this kind of things, i can make you a decent meal with some leftovers, but when it comes to convert video for my cellphone or PMP i suck.

So... i know you guys are awesome and you do this kind of things with both hands tied and in a blink of an eye.

I want to download youtube videos (some videoclips or random videos) and then convert them in MP4 format for my portatil player. So, what i must do? because i've been trying but with crappy results. I just want the most simple method ever.

From now on, think that i'm a blonde bimbo who takes 3 hours to use an ATM

Thanks in advance!

PS: BTW i use firefox and i know that there are several plugins to download youtube videos, but i don't know which one i should pick up and then how to go from there to get the MP4s.
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Old 2011-02-16, 13:06   Link #2
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My preference for downloading Youtube stuff:

Youtube already uses mp4.
All videos should already have a 480x270 x264 mp4 ready for portables and phones. If you need higher quality, the 480p SD stuff is x264 flv only.
Youtube 1280x720 & 1920x1080 videos are x264 encoded mp4 as well.

If you have a sd flv or hd mp4 that needs re-encoding, just use a recent x264 build which includes lavf and ffms2 input as well as filter support.
JEEB's x264 builds
Feed the youtube video directly to x264 with encoding settings supported by your portable, re-size as needed with x264 filters, and you're good to go.

That's all the help I'm providing on the subject. You'll need to ask someone else if you don't know the settings supported by your portable, and/or how to use x264 from cli.
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Old 2011-02-16, 17:36   Link #3
Hiroi Sekai
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I use DVDVideoSoft; they have a ton of programs for this kind of thing. YouTube to iPod or YouTube to iPhone will get you the .mp4 files.
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Old 2011-02-16, 20:31   Link #4
floating away...
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Beyond World's End
Thanks a lot for your help.

I'll give it a try to your ideas.
Improving my english ^^
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Old 2011-02-16, 22:04   Link #5
Afternoon Tea
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Here are some other ways

use a website
which website you ask?

I use They have recently fixed their youtube downloading, so if you tried this before and it didn't work then try it again.

its fast and easy no software involved

orr a better way

I use this way (if you have any questions about this video just reply)
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Old 2011-02-17, 03:33   Link #6
Giga Drill Breaker
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Originally Posted by cyberbeing View Post
this is the combo i use too, it will already give you tons of options to download including ipod compatible h264 in mp4 container, ofcourse this combo works on firefox browser so use firefox

i have not use this but if you want standalone software then check damnvid -> it has portable version in here
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