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Old 2013-06-09, 16:58   Link #1
Galaxy Convoy
Uchikata Hajime
Join Date: Jun 2012
Looking for comedy

With some yuri. something like Yuyushiki.

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Old 2013-06-09, 19:09   Link #2
Yuri µ'serator
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I'll suggest the obvious Yuru Yuri , as well as Kanamemo, and maybe Koihime†Musou.

More of subtext type, all comedy though.
Lucky Star
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Old 2013-06-10, 07:53   Link #3
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If subtle, Bamboo Blade is a good one. Even though main focus is sport it has nice comedy and yuri hints.

K-ON is subtle.

Candy Boy, slight drama but mostly positive.

You can try Kämpfer, the main hero is transformed into a girl.

Mai HiME, first half is comedy, second is more angsty.

You could try Maria Holic too.

Strike Witches has subtle yuri, action but mostly comedy.

Tamako Market could be a good try.

Love Live! School Idol Project also has subtle yuri hints.
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Old 2013-06-15, 20:52   Link #4
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Location: United States
If you're looking for some really funny anime:

Azumanga Daioh: Light hearted and a fountain of memes. Has a pretty decent dub as well which manages to catch a lot of cultural references. *Gets ready to dodge imminent "BLAMMING for heresy*
Lucky Star (Not for everyone, but those who understand the material will really have a good time. Starts getting better around episode 5). Found this dub to be enjoyable, barring Patricia.
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Old 2013-06-24, 14:57   Link #5
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Yuri yuri
also mai hime might go for a try >.<
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