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Old 2011-02-22, 03:07   Link #1
*IT Support
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Someone is trying to ruin my reputation

I had quite a few points from when, a few years ago, I was helping users with avatars and signatures, but I've been getting a lot of negative reputations in the last months for stupid things which made me lose quite a few, and I cannot understand who is doing it, being that there is no name in the profile page.
How can I know who is trying to ruin my reputation counter?
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Old 2011-02-22, 03:29   Link #2
milan kyuubi
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Well you can check to see if the same amount was taken every time you get neg rep does . If this is true then someone is doing it on purpose. If not then there is nothing the mods can do, the only way they will interfere (cancel the rep you got) is if the same person is giving you neg rep you, or if the comment is insulting etc etc.

Btv this thread is also against the rules

4.4 Please do not post about reputations

If you feel you have received an inappropriate reputation award please contact a member of staff. Please do not make posts or comments in The Forum complaining about such events. In addition, please do not request or "beg" for reputation points as this will be considered a violation of The Rules.
What you were supposed to do in this case is contact the member of the staff via pm Mods don't like it when members are posting about the reputation
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Old 2011-02-22, 03:29   Link #3
cho~ kakkoii
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As stated in the forum rule, please do not post or create thread to talk about reputation. You should have PM'ed one of the moderators about it instead. I'm closing this thread. You can PM me with the detail.
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