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Old 2011-03-08, 12:49   Link #1
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Looking for anime with ecchi/action/plot

Hey guys looking for some recommendations.

My favorite anime of all time is Mai-Hime mostly because it has everything I like in an anime. It's ecchi, has amazing plot and plot twists, great character development, romance, and good action (does not necessarily have to be supernatural / mech)

I just "finished" (I think there's only 1-12 which makes me really upset because the story is clearly not completed) watching High School of the Dead and absolutely loved it. Has an interesting plot, plenty of ecchi scenes, romance, and cool action.

Any more like these?
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Old 2011-03-08, 21:00   Link #2
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Try out Kore wa Zombie Desu ka. It's not heavy on the action but has a few interesting fights. It's more of a zany harem comedy with a surprisingly dark and mysterious plot. There is some semi-graphic violence in it if that's your sort of thing. And yes, there are nice nude scenes and delicious panty shots. The bad thing about it is that it jumps the shark around episode 7 and never gets as good as the first 6 episodes, so you'll have to keep that in mind.
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Old 2011-03-09, 03:30   Link #3
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Desert Punk
Ikki Tousen
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Old 2011-03-13, 07:43   Link #4
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i have princess lover but it mostly comedy drama the bit of action in it

rosario + vampire
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Old 2011-03-13, 11:11   Link #5
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Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter is a game based off a single anime ova. It will not be released for a long time but it's on psp and will be localized.
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Old 2011-03-13, 17:50   Link #6
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Desert Punk is one of my absolute favs so I'll +1 that...

Surely you can't be one of the 11 people on earth who hasn't seen Code Geass (not that I take pride in that)....Season 1 is superior to season 2 IMO, but there's loads of cool action, and good plot (see S1 only sorry^^), lots of nice, respectable ecchiness...

Shuffle - Again a series I find disappointing, but given the harem genre it has a surprisingly good amount of action to go along with lots of really well-developed ecchiness...When I say that, it's more or less naturally ecchi than a show that's clearly cramming it down your throat like a Green Green for instance (LOL I love Green Green though, but it jumped the shark on ecchi^^)...

Mitchiko E. Hatchin - Superior to all these suggestions really...The more I think about it, the more I think people slept on a genre-classic...In the mold of something like a Cowboy Bebop (no I didn't studder)...Has lots of strong female leads that gives the show a visceral and sensual feel you might enjoy...Sweet looking anine babes in this one with a high-intensity yet heart-felt plot, and jazzy action galore...
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