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Old 2011-02-27, 14:18   Link #1
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Need help with project - (Looking for reference material)

curently I'm on process creating manga. but I have damn hard time to rigging it on 3d. can anyone give me some refference about legs foot and hand
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Old 2011-02-27, 16:53   Link #2
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Sense this thread does not make.
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Old 2011-02-27, 17:25   Link #3
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It does, even though this may well be in the wrong sub-forum. Prongs is writing a series. He, however, wants to use 3D as a medium.

He needs references for legs, feet and hands in order to get the proportions right.

Unfortunately I can't help him.
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Old 2011-02-27, 17:29   Link #4
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srry i cant help but you should search media cafe maby you'll find somethin there
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Old 2011-03-20, 11:55   Link #5
Grand Duke of Lolitania
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right now i'm in the middle of creating a manga. I have finished the char design and now moving on making a 'name'.

one of damsel in my story is half France. the other is half Japanese. an the main boy is half Indonesian. I didn't find any difficulties about characteristic on Indonesian and Japanese also Americans, because there lot of movies that can be research items for me. but France I'm completely blind about them.

why France? it was just pure coincidence. I like princess Henrietta and strangely I got Idea her name is look good for my new project. and since Henrietta sounds like France for me so I made her France girl. or maybe Italian more suit for that name?

what is France girl like? do they look like Charlotte Dunois on IS. is there any material that I can use for her reference?

what they looks if angry. or what will they do if they angry. did tsundere characteristic is suit them or maybe they are more like Charlotte Dunois?

did they feel same way like Japanese girl if they fall in love with boys, or they do same thing like Japanese girls towards the boy that they love? like making bentou or pampers her lover.

did they mature enough to handle a great power. I mean she had a Psychic power.

I have design a sword for her wich one do you think that matches or her France characteristic?

By delayedprongs at 2011-03-20

By delayedprongs at 2011-03-20

is this costumes ok for her? or maybe you have another reference for her costumes?

By delayedprongs at 2011-01-17

this is first design for her but since I add some scifi materials, so I think it's better to put a modern costume on her

By delayedprongs at 2008-06-19
I am Immortal I Have the Sacred Blood of Youma
I was No Rival, No Claymore can be my Equal
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