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Looking for two books

A couple of days ago, I was reminiscing on my childhood and I remembered two books I really liked and want to re-read. To cut to the chase, I remember one book's synopsis vividly and the other, not so vividly but still enough.

They're both Sci-Fi books, one set in present time, the other set in the future or in a dystopia.

Also, spoiler alert.

Spoiler for Book Spoilers to people who are reading the book:

That's basically what happens. I did a huge abridge of this though and I didn't do the book any justice. Then again, this is 10 years ago.

The next book is set in the future and underwater. And that is quite literally most of what I've got.

Spoiler for Book Spoilers! Part 2!:

That's basically it.

Thanks for helping, I'll go do something while I wait.
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