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View Poll Results: Kami nomi/TWGOK: Goddesses - Episode 12 [END] Rating
Perfect 10 30 62.50%
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Old 2013-09-23, 17:16   Link #1
Join Date: Dec 2005
Kami nomi/TWGOK: Goddesses - Episode 12 [END] Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Kami nomi/TWGOK: Goddesses, Episode 12 [END].

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CrowKenobi is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 17:17   Link #2
Ushio the Omega
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2010
Yay they included the entire final chapter of the arc I was worried they would skip most of it.
Ushio the Omega is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 17:28   Link #3
Join Date: Jun 2009
I'd type more but my eyes are full of tears right now. 10/10 I hate reading manga's but this one deserves a proper read through that I've put off for far too long.
Acadia is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 17:32   Link #4
Working Hard
Join Date: Sep 2012
Many question raised. many question remain unanswered. we need season 4!! (or something like season 2.5 for the skipped conquest). They've done it with hayate's ctmeoy and cuties, why not with twgok.

but, yeah... at least we know that from this final episode: CHIHIRO BEST GIRL.
ices is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 17:37   Link #5
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
I felt seriously bad for Chihiro. While she might have been selfish at first, in the end she was selfless.

Besides she actually made Keima care, change his ways and even cry.

While I love Ayumi and Yui, I think Chihiro deserved Keima the most considering that she was crushing on him way before the conquest.
kitten320 is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 18:03   Link #6
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Iwakawa Base
Age: 26
Intense final... the first half was well done. I'm glad they skipped the OP and ED to fill the episode up completely. It was also good to see that there was some slapstick inbetween to lighten the mood a bit. Nice to see that Ayumi went for the kiss.

Aaaand second half was too much to take that I had to watch the episode x times. The feels... the feels! The slow and quiet discussion before Keima's house, and then the slow-mo scene with Chihiro saying bye-bye amidst the sunrise. But that wasn't enough so they had to tuck on my heart with the concert. The song itself was okay, it at least delivered the messages. When they visualized all the goddesses I'm not sure how Chihiro perceived that but she was definitely moved in amazement (like me). She was amazed and sad at the same time. Last picture with her holding the guitar in tears was the killer. Even God would shed a tear... oh wait.

Some other cool stuff was Haqua's fight and the Goddesses' hexagon spell. Brief but cool. Ah, almost forgot about Akari / Limuel... if that isn't Elsie's sister then I don't know anymore. Not like it matters. As for the music... I think the placement was well done. When they left out the bgm entirely during the scene in front of Keima's house it felt like they froze time (which they kinda did). Ah! Koi no Shirushi played as the actual ED, that one's my favourite. And then that godly extract from OP1 when Keima walked out of his room to... to season 4! I wish.

As mentioned there are still a bunch of things unanswered, I would love another season. Maybe they could release a few OVAs again to retell things that they skipped in the manga (like the capture arcs for the goddess hosts and the other ones shown during Chihiro's song in the end) and also some OVAs to bridge over to the 4th season like they did for the Megami-Hen or something.

All in all except the stuff they skipped which I'm okay with the adaption itself was superb and in terms of emotions even superior.

Now time to plan a marathon for the whole series+OVAs soon to make the wait for a new manga chapter a bit shorter. *poof*
Seihai is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 18:03   Link #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2012
There's a cruel irony to this entire arc that is justified with the end of this arc. What happened to chihiro is cruel but its also a bit ironic in an extremely twisted way.
What would've happened if the situation was reversed what happened if it turns out chihiro had mercury instead of ayumi.
The cruel irony is that keima has treated all of this as a game since the beginning and it all went smoothly. Its sad but chihiro ultimately was a sacrifice. The thing I didn't like at all about this is that the song at the end was FAR more upbeat then it should've been.

Unfortunately people a 4th season will not happen unless they go over some of the old girls the current material isn't sufficient for 12 episodes let alone 10 and the manga is rather poor right now
ImperialFlameGod8190 is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 18:11   Link #8
Nishikino Maki (* ̄▽ ̄*)
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: I shall reveal it to you.
I liked Keima's final scene.

A lone god pondering his brief sense of weakness only to brush it off; open the door and get back in the game.
playmaker2k is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 18:17   Link #9
Anime-Only Viewer
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: USA
Wow, that last episode felt too rushed. It feels like the episode would have been better if they split it up to 2 episodes instead. It was good, but it felt missing.

So who is Akari again? Keima recognizes her, but I don't remember her.

So does this mean the goddesses will be around now, and their respective humans will all remember Keima? He truly has a goddess harem now?

Also, as expected Haqua has returned to the loose souls squad.

As for Chihiro and Keima, I really do feel bad for Chihiro. She will remember all this, this time around. How will she interact with Keima? Is she really completely out of Keima's life? It also shows that Keima was affected by all this. However, was it because he had feelings for her, or was it because he felt bad for hurting her?
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thundrakkon is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 18:24   Link #10
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2012
thundrakkon its because he felt bad for hurting her if he had any feelings for her at all he wouldn't have said what he did once he realized that she wasn't the goddess. Fact is before the conquest he hated her most of any of the girls and the guy has no real girl experience outside of the gaming scenarios he came up with.
ImperialFlameGod8190 is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 18:31   Link #11
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2011
i hope after they will finished the next arc in the manga nad few chapters after this they will anoucced season 4
elior is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 18:32   Link #12
just a devil
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: hell
the only goddes that has fallen for keima is diana. And that moment at the concert everyone is happy and there see you chihiro starting to cry
darkofficer is online now  
Old 2013-09-23, 18:56   Link #13
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Iwakawa Base
Age: 26
Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
So who is Akari again? Keima recognizes her, but I don't remember her.
One of the girls they glossed over in the first 5 minutes of the first episode. Kurakawa Akari. You also see the rest of the girls during Chihiro's song, like the girl with the ramen with ice cream on top and then another one playing Shogi etc. Basically they're all girls whose conquests were skipped, that's about the worst thing people complain about. Imo the conquests themselves weren't that important anyway, aside from maybe Yui's and Tsukiyo's. While it may be puzzling I'm not particularly fussed over it because 3 seasons full of conquests would have been a bit monotonous in comparison. Best to put those skipped conquests into OVAs or something (if at all).

So does this mean the goddesses will be around now, and their respective humans will all remember Keima?
No clue about the first one but they already remember him anyway, right?

Is she really completely out of Keima's life?
Considering that they are in the same class, they're probably bound to interact somehow.

It also shows that Keima was affected by all this. However, was it because he had feelings for her, or was it because he felt bad for hurting her?
I'd say both.
Seihai is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 19:40   Link #14
psycho bolt
Join Date: Nov 2006
Well that was a depressing episode and even more depressing if 4th season never happens. Overall I didn't enjoy this season as much because Keima is no longer the god of conquest I used to know.
psycho bolt is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 19:42   Link #15
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Indonesia
I think this episode is really touching. Keima has done his job. Unfortunately, we cannot connect the game's flag with real world's flag.

Chihiro is a tough girl, really tough. When she sing her song, the song is about "The memories of my first love" Is it talking about her and Keima? Is Keima is Chihiro's first love? If yes, I think I know the feeling of that thing.

But, after this, I am really looking forward to watch 4th season. At least, I want to know love story of Keima especially with Chihiro.
yupangestu is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 22:48   Link #16
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Idaho
Age: 26
Ah, good old Ayumi. My favorite heroine of the series looking all pretty in her wedding dress. Today was a good day! This is part of the reason why I enjoy her character so much. Unlike the rest of the cast, her ending is more of a choice and closer to the reality than being an act.
Traece is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 22:51   Link #17
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2012
God dang... It almost seems like as if Keima has broken down in his conquer-ing mode. I almost wanted to pat him on the back for all the crap that he had to go through for this ending. At least this ending was better than first and second season's because there was SOME kind feel of a ending.
Phantom is offline  
Old 2013-09-23, 23:12   Link #18
Hiroi Sekai
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Age: 26
Fantastic last episode, really liked it. Plus I got all I needed and even more after the shocking lack of Ayumi in the first two seasons. Absolutely great.
Hiroi Sekai is offline  
Old 2013-09-24, 08:13   Link #19
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2010
So in the end Chihiro can see the wings after all, maybe it mean something for season 4 if any, it's interesting to see Keima broke over Chihiro when I thought he can be cruel to real girl, the irony is Keima see Chihiro as background character on dating sim, it seem he need to take back that words...
n120cky is offline  
Old 2013-09-24, 08:46   Link #20
but the kid is not my son
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Perú
Age: 27
Send a message via MSN to jorez
I could write thousands of pages about this ending. I absolutely loved it. Enjoyed every episode from this season. I'm really going to miss this show.


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