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Old 2009-01-21, 02:25   Link #181
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I think Zoro is the most trustworthy and loya crew to luffy. And in morals and believes he's the one who enforce those to the crew because luffy is so kind

Spoiler for remember:
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Old 2009-03-15, 17:10   Link #182
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does anyone have a technique list of his swordmoves? and his swords he has been using ? used? broke? I just realized its pretty cool that every charactor has its own trivia sorta thing going on
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Old 2009-03-16, 04:37   Link #183
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scroll down to "Zoro's Special Attacks"
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Old 2009-03-19, 18:14   Link #184
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Rononoa Zoro - A Combatant

"If you are uncertain as well, then who else can we trust?!!"

Zoro trusts Luffy and they quickly became companions that can entrust their lives into each others' hands. He can be said to be the pirate crew's vice-captain and a trustworthy companion.

Absolute trust in the captain!!
Follow the captain's orders without hesitation - this is the attitude that Zoro always has, because he has faith in Luffy from the bottom of his heart! He has an equally high fighting power as Luffy and when the need arises, he will be the first person to charge forth. Even though he has a devil-like fighting capability, he recognizes Luffy's position as the captain. Moreover, even when Luffy makes the wrong decision, he will give his best to rectify the mistake and never complains. This is Zoro's attitude.

Picture of Zoro with his face smashed:
Caption: Sharing a sense of mutuality with Luffy, Zoro puts up with the enemy's beatings without making noise.

Picture of Zoro charging with sword:
"Cut the great beanstalk down towards the west side"
Caption: With just a tiny hint, he is able to understand Luffy's intentions correctly and take action immediately.

Picture at the bottom:
Zoro: Now is the moment that is crucial for all the members. Is this decision merely that fella's whim or is it something else?
Caption: Though this may lead the the destruction of the entire crew, he quietly accepts Luffy's orders.

<next page>

The man's loyalty that is faithfully maintained!!

Top picture
Zoro: ....that should be the captain's responsibility, right?!!!
Luffy: .....!!
Caption: Confronting the downcast Luffy and questions Luffy's preparedness for his role as captain seriously.

Left picture
Zoro: I will not allow anyone who intends to fetch Yusop to go out
Luffy: Eh...? Why?!?
Caption: He took on a strong stance against Yusop, who broke the rules among the crew. When it is time to be incompassionate, he will become incompassionate.

Picture with Zoro tugging Luffy's cheek
Zoro: I don't care even though you guys are slack normally, however, I will not allow the person I chose to be captain to lose his dignity.
Luffy: I will not recognise the person who go against my will as my companion.
Caption: He takes forceful corrective action when the captain loses his dignity.

Big Zoro picture: We wait here for Luffy!

Box at left bottom corner
Complete Trust, Uniform Steps
Zoro understands Luffy and knows his way of thinking, this is the mutual understanding they have developed after being companions for a long time.

Picture top
"You need to light a fire when you camp outside, isn't that usually the case?"
"Even if your life is in danger, you should always light a fire, that is the humane thing to do."
"You're a bunch of idiots!"

Picture bottom:
Zoro: This is the wood pieces formation right?
Angry person: Why are you guys so enthusiastic as well?
Caption: His idea of camping is so similar to Sanji's when they work together.
Trans provided by The bowss Kumanri!!!!
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Old 2010-10-21, 23:03   Link #185
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Spoiler for my opinion about zoro's current condition:

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Old 2010-10-25, 11:46   Link #186
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It's a humongous shounen-cliché, but I too think that the eye is part of the training. Kinda like Rock Lee's ankleweights, Goku's heavy clothes, Gohan and Goku's training to maintain Super Sayain state permanently, etc.

It wouldn't made sense for Mihawk to stab out his eye on purpose since he's training Zoro to become a master swordsman. So the only viable option would be that it was an incident. Still a decent possibility, but I think that Likely's remark is more likely (Been waiting for that ).

Altough I don't think that Rayleighs scar is a strong argument for that..
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