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Old 2004-04-12, 05:58   Link #1
i am the mist
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Japan
Who knows about CooRie?

Well, all I know is that CooRie is the singer of the following songs that are related to anime:

(in order of appearance)
Taisetsu na Negai - Nanaka 6/17 ED
Nagareboshi - Narue no Sekai OP
Stereo - Narue no Sekai (insert song)
Mirai e No Melody - Da Capo ED1
Sonzai - Da Capo ED2
Anata to Iu Jikan - Daphne in the Brilliant Blue ED

... and guess what? All of her songs are very good! I don't know if CooRie is a single girl or a girl group, but her voice has that very soft sparke that overflows with emotion, not to mention the songs itself are really good (look a Sonzai for example, very solemn, powerful melody and lyrics [even if I don't understand much of it]).

And so my question: who is CooRie? Or at least what are her other songs (if any)?
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Old 2004-04-12, 08:08   Link #2
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Malaysia
As far as I know, CooRie officially consists of two people; vocalist/lyricist Rino and keyboardist Naoyuki Osada who used to be in Keno (the group behind HxH first opening Ohayou . Rino has also featured a lot on the Da Capo OSTs,done some Gash Bell songs and also wrote most of Mai Nakahara's (Midori in Midori no hibi) mini-album. Osada mainly works as an arranger, and (unfortunately) arranged the Galaxy Angels song Galaxy Bang! Bang! amongst others.
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Old 2004-04-13, 05:05   Link #3
i am the mist
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Japan
Thanks for the info!

I see, and so the vocalist is rino eh? She has a very nice voice. I never compared the voice of rino vs. CooRie but now that I've discovered that she is one and the same person I enjoy those Da Capo music even more!
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Old 2004-04-13, 06:56   Link #4
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Well, I guess I'll go download the songs right now. :wink:
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