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Old 2011-04-10, 05:56   Link #1
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Disgaea Wallpaper request

I made a request on another forum but since they couldn't really help they told me to come here so I hope you guys can help.

Okay I would like a new wallpaper or two.
my screen in a 16:9 ratio screen with a resolution of 1920X1080.

I have already prepared alot of pictures that you can use but not all of them are renders but those that aren't renders are just on a white background so it's nothing too hard to render. Also for convenience I'll separate the pictures based on which game they appeared in. There are also pictures that are of the same character in different poses. I did this so that you would have more freedom to make it in a whatever style you want rather than trying to work with just a few stiff images. You could also use google to try and find more if you want.

Anyway here is my request.
Main request:
One with as many different characters as possible Maybe something like these

Alternate request:
Although what I said about is what I really want what ever you can put together is fine too with however many characters you want. You could do the main characters of a game or all the characters of a specific game. nothing specific about style either just do what you think will look good.

In order to fit all the pictures in one post I have only posted the links not the pictures if A mod is willing to turn them all into viewable pictures in one post that would be great. If not just click on a link to see the picture.
Disgaea 1

Disgaea 2 (Note that a lot of these are also generic monsters found in almost every game)

Disgaea 3

Disgaea 4
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Old 2011-05-12, 17:19   Link #2
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NOTE THIS IS NOT A BUMP THIS IS CHANGING THE REQUEST! This is basically a different request but since It's for the same series and it's still a wallpaper I'm asking for I figured it would be better to put it here rather than making a new thread because it feels unnecessary to make a new thread for a new request when it can fit just fine in the same thread as an old request especially since the old one never got a response. If this still counts as bumping then I apologize as that wasn't my intent.

Okay anyway I want a wallpaper but unlike the last request this one is for a specific character. My screen in a 16:9 ratio screen with a resolution of 1920X1080. Here is a picture of the character you can use it or find another one (which might be a better option.
Spoiler for picture:
I want a wallpaper of his beast form not humanoid form although you can include it as well if you want. If you plan to take the request please let me know.
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