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Sakuya - Rosa Tsukkomi
Join Date: Nov 2003
Maria-sama ga Miteru F.A.Q.

Maria-sama ga Miteru F.A.Q.
La Vierge Marie Vous Regarde
by animesuki marimite gangs

Reading slowly is preferable here...


(1) What is Maria-sama ga miteru all about?
Maria-sama ga miteru is a story about students at Lillian High School, an all-girls high school. There is a unique system in Lillian School called the soeur system. In order to help new students quickly make Lillian their new 'home', senior students adopt their juniors as their petite soeurs (younger sisters). The soeur system is optional, not mandatory. The story starts when Sachiko, a 2nd year student, tries to make Yumi, a 1st year student, her petite soeur.

(2) Who writes Maria-sama ga Miteru?
Konno Oyuki (She is on the right side, the person on the left is the seiyuu of Yumi)
Hibiki Reine brings Konno Oyuki's work alive with her drawings in the manga/novels.

(3) What is Marimite?
The short name of Maria-sama ga Miteru.

(4) Is there any manga/anime/novels for Marimite?
~Marimite started as a novel in 1998. Till then, there are already more than 30 Novels have been published by Cobalt.
~There are two seasons of Marimite Anime.
The first season, "Maria-sama ga miteru" started on January 2004 and has 13 episodes.
The second season, "Maria-sama ga miteru ~Spring~" starts on July 2004 and has 13 episodes.
The third season has been released as 5 OVAs in 2006/2007 .
The fourth season has been broadcasted in Spring 2009.
~Like other popular mangas, Maria-sama ga Miteru manga is serialized in Margaret, a semi monthly magazine released on 5th and 20th every month . The novel side story (text only) is featured in Cobalt magazine, a bi-monthly magazine released on 18th of the odd months. (lordwu).
~The 1st manga was published on Feb 25th 2004, basically a collection of serialized mangas from Margaret magazine and printed on better papers. After then, there have been 8 manga book releases.

(5) Is there any English version for the anime/manga/novels?
The 1st and 2nd of TV seasons and 3rd (in OVA) been licensed by RightStuf / Nozomi Entertainment on March 2008. The official english title is "Maria watches over us". Further information and pre-order pricing can be found at
The 1st season, 2nd season collection sets and the 3rd (OVA collections) have been released. 4th season has been licensed, but do not expect any early releases since the japan region DVDs have not been released completely (This is to avoid 'reversed import', where japanese fans will buy the cheaper US version).

The manga is being scanlated by Lililicious group using the margaret magazine version as their source.
As for the novel, a translation group, Saiconink, was the initiator who started translating marimite novels. Their release started from the Valentine story arc. After that, many marimite fans are contributing pieces of novel translation. Erica Friedman occasionally posts the summary of novels in her blog.
Strangely enough, Tokyopop germany has published marimite mangas and novels in german language. The First novel is already out and available in

(6) Do manga/anime/drama CD/novels follow the same storyline?
Yes, the anime follows the story from the novels but leaving some side stories behind. The manga has more details than the anime, however the drama CDs is the closest one in details to the novels. Please also note that the chronological order of the anime episodes is a bit messed up.

(7) Do I need to watch the first season first before I watch the (OVAs/Second Season)?
Yes, in my humble opinion. Maria-sama ga miteru is a beautiful character-driven story. Skipping the story behind every character will make it harder to appreciate the situation which marimite characters experience in the later part of the storyline.

(8) What are the Marimite's CDs/DVDs that have been released?
Refer to the post below: Maria-sama ga miteru official Products

(9) What is the official website of Marimite?

Other official sites:, Virtual tour of Lillian girls' private high school! (Flash is required)
Hibiki Reine's homepage
Her unofficial Marimite illustrations (Thanks to touko_no_doriru)
Tv Tokyo (one of the TV broadcasters) has nice webpages for the series
First Season

(10) Are there any marimite fan-sites in English? Wikipedia about marimite One of the most comprehensive Marimite resources in English. Another marimite novel translation site. An excellent effort to translate the vacation of the lamb. a nicely organized marimite fansite Marimite novels in wikipedia style

(11) How's about marimite fan-sites in Japanese or other languages?
* Updated May 2007 *
(12) What is Yuri? Why do people call Maria-sama ga Miteru as a Yuri show?
Yuri is a term to describe a romantic relationship between two girls in anime/mangas. (pkgirl163)
Many people will have their own views on Marimite.

" First of all, I do not think Maria-sama ga Miteru as a Yuri show. When seeing the close relationship between two pretty girls, many guys simply come to the conclusion that it is yuri. I prefer to see it as a beautiful story of sisterhood relationships, that's my opinion on this matter." (SleeplessHeart)

"I guess what pulled me in was the idea of the "sœur system" and the beautiful female relationship between the sœurs was something that was pure and clear; something that male readers [stereotypically] see as real-life high-school girls to be lacking nowadays." (kj1980)

In the end, it is a matter of your opinion to judge Maria-sama ga Miteru by yourself.

(13) How's about Esu? Why is Marimite called an Esu anime?
Esu is the japanese's pronounciation of letter 'S', the first letter of the word 'Sister' . It actually represents a genre which tells stories about 'sisterhood relationships'. The genre of esu literature was started in 1910's and became popular amoung schoolgirls. So it is correct to say that Esu has a longer history than Yuri. (touko_no_doriru)

Recommended references (in Japanese):
Yuri Jiten (Yuri dictionary)
Exite books/ Secret of Marimite

(14) Is Maria-sama ga Miteru popular in Japan?
Very. Laurore31 has done a mini interview with a japanese girl, a marimite fan.

(15) What is Maria-sama niwa Naisho?
The fist volume of Marimite DVD comes with a bonus episode, "Maria-sama niwa Naisho" (Don't tell Virgin Mary). It is a very cute episode, but a very short one. I will not give the spoiler here. Hmmm, who is in marimite resembling Chiyo-san from Azumanga Daioh?
Update: It looks that they will include a Maria-sama niwa Naisho episode in every DVD release.

(16) Has the story ended in novels/manga?
No, the story is still going on.
The novel story is far ahead compared with manga/anime. The manga is lagging behind the anime.

(17) What is 'Onee-sama'?
The polite way you call your older sister.

(18) I have just watched Marimite. Now, I desperately need someone whom I can call 'Onee-sama'
Wrong forum. But you may be in luck. Many of our animesuki marimite gang members are females, we may adopt you as our soeur.

This is an on-going project with gracious helps from pkgirl163 and all other members

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Old 2004-04-05, 07:33   Link #2
Sakuya - Rosa Tsukkomi
Join Date: Nov 2003
Maria-sama ga Miteru F.A.Q.
Although I have put spoilers inside spoiler tags and written carefully chosen words in the questions, reading the FAQ below may reveal the plot if you haven't watched the anime. If you belong to this category, Freeze! ...Gently scroll back your browser to the top of the page...slowly..very slowly... nobody will get hurt...


(1) Who are yamayurikai?
Yamayurikai (literally means mountain lily council) is the most important soeur/ sisterhood relationship in Lillian's High School because its members are also the leaders of Lilian student council. The leader of yamayurikai are called Rosa Chinesis, Rosa Foetida and Rosa Gigantea. Their petite soeurs/little sisters are called as Rosa Chinesis en bouton, Rosa Foetida en bouton and Rosa Gigantea en Bouton, they are also the expected the successors when the three Rosas graduate.

(2) What is Rosa? What language is that?
Rosa is a latin word, the genus name of rose flowers.
Yamayurikai leaders are symbolized with three different types of roses.

(3) How's about en bouton? What does it mean?
En bouton is a french word. It is a bit difficult to find an equivalent english word, however it roughly means that it is still in the state of 'flower bud', waiting to blossom soon.
In japanese language, the word "tsubomi" is used a couple of times in the anime. It is also used in the novels and manga but is always read as "en bouton" (just as "benibara-sama," "shirobara-sama," and "kibara-sama" are always read with their Rosa names). (Thanks to pkgirl163)

(4) Who are the characters? I am still confused with these rosa things
Refer to the Help on Mariasama ga miteru thread.

(5) What are the episodes of Marimite Season 1?
Marimite titles are shown in two languages: Japanese and French.

(6) I am confused with the chronology of events in Marimite Season 1. Why does X'mas come after the Valentine? Where are the missing months?

(7) That's interesting. Could you explain the relationship between anime episodes and the novels?

(8) Why didn't Sei choose a petite soeur when she was at 2nd grade? As the result, there are only two members of Rosa Gigantea sisterhood!
This will be revealed in Episode 11, Season 1.

(9) Why did Sachiko seem to be reluctant to play as Cinderella? Spoiler!

(10) Why did Yumi refused to let her chocolate go? Spoiler!

(11) Why did Shiori choose that decision? Spoiler!

(12) Is there any relation between Sachiko's grandmother and Yumiko? Spoiler!

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Old 2004-04-05, 08:38   Link #3
Sakuya - Rosa Tsukkomi
Join Date: Nov 2003
Short synopsis of Marimite Novels.
by kj1980 and SleeplessHeart

Since the story in Marimite Novels is far ahead of the anime, reading this synopsis may reveal the plot of the upcoming Maria-sama ga miteru anime episodes. You have been warned.

The novels are considered as the main storyline of Maria-sama ga miteru, since they are released first and comprehensive. Additional sideline stories are published in Cobalt magazine. Since the original novel is released in japanese language, there have been a lot of contributions from marimite fans to translate or to summarize a portion of novels for the benefit of non-japanese speaking fans. I will not try to make a redundant effort to do the same task. In animesuki, kj1980 has created a thread dedicated to the marimite novel. This article will serve as an index to point to the corresponding marimite novels.

Novel#01 Virgin Mary is Watching You

kj1980's post

Novel#02 Yellow Rose Revolution

kj1980's post

Novel#03 The Forest of Thorns

kj1980's post

Novel#04 Rosa Kanina

kj1980's post

Novel#05 Valentine Gift - Part 1

Novel#06 Valentine Gift - Part 2

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Sakuya - Rosa Tsukkomi
Join Date: Nov 2003
Maria-sama ga miteru Official Products.
compiled by SleeplessHeart


- Audio CD -
  1. Maria-sama ga miteru Maxi Single
    First season OP/ED songs
  2. Maria-sama ga miteru - Soundtrack
    First season OST
  3. Maria-sama ga miteru (Pastel Pure) *Ali project
    Maria-sama ga miteru ~Spring~ (2nd season) OP/ED songs
  4. Maria-sama ga miteru ~Haru~ Soundtrack
    Maria-sama ga miteru ~Spring~ (2nd season) OST
  5. Maria-sama ga miteru ~Haru~ - Image Album Vol.1
    Contains some vocal+karaoke songs
  6. DJ CD Maria-sama ga miteru 1
    Collection of Internet Radio Shows (hosted by Ueda Kana) plus some drama tracks
  7. DJ CD Maria-sama ga miteru 2
    2nd DJ CD for Maria-sama ga miteru
  8. DJ CD Maria-sama ga miteru 3
    3rd DJ CD for Maria-sama ga miteru
  9. Chercher *Kotoko
    ED song for Maria-sama ga miteru OVA (vol 1 and 2) by Kotoko
  10. Kirei na Senritsu *Kotoko
    ED song for Maria-sama ga miteru OVA (vol 3,4 and 5) by Kotoko, composed by Marty Friedman
  11. Maria-sama ga miteru 3rd season OVA Soundtrack
    Soundtrack collections from Maria-sama ga miteru OVA 3rd season

- Drama CD -
  1. Maria-sama ga miteru
  2. Maria-sama ga miteru Part 2
  3. Maria-sama ga miteru - Kibakara Kakumei
  4. Maria-sama ga miteru - Ibara no Mori
  5. Maria-sama ga miteru - Rosa Canina
  6. Maria-sama ga miteru - Valentinus no Okurimono
  7. Maria-sama ga miteru - First Date Triangle
  8. Maria-sama ga miteru - Itoshiki Saigetsu
  9. Maria-sama ga miteru - Itoshiki Saigetsu Part 2
  10. Maria-sama ga miteru - Itsushika Toshi mo
  11. Maria-sama ga Miteru - Nagaki Yoru no

  1. Maria-sama ga miteru 1
    ISBN: 4088477138
  2. Maria-sama ga miteru 2
    ISBN: 4088477618
  3. Maria-sama ga miteru 3
    ISBN: 4088478177
  4. Maria-sama ga miteru 4
    ISBN: 4088478622
  5. Maria-sama ga miteru 5
    ISBN: 4088460227
  6. Maria-sama ga miteru 6
    ISBN: 4088460847
  7. Maria-sama ga miteru 7
    ISBN: 4088461401

  1. Maria-sama ga miteru - 7 Volumes
    The first season of Maria-sama ga miteru is released in 7 DVD sets, available in collector edition or normal edition.
  2. Maria-sama ga miteru ~Spring~ - 7 Volumes
    The second season of Maria-sama ga miteru is also released in 7DVD sets, available in collector edition or normal edition
  3. Maria-sama ga miteru Soshu Hen
    Summary of the Maria-sama ga miteru in a 100 min DVD. Available in limited edition or normal edition.
  4. Maria-sama ga miteru ~Spring~ Fan Disc vol 1
    Focused on Red Roses, featuring some edited scenes and music videos.
  5. Maria-sama ga miteru ~Spring~ Fan Disc vol 2
    Focused on Yellow Roses.
  6. Maria-sama ga miteru ~Spring~ Fan Disc vol 3
    Focused on White Roses.

    The DVD covers for the three marimite fan discs

  7. Maria-sama ga miteru OVA vol 1 - Kohitsuji Tachi no Kyuka (Vacation of the Lambs)
    The First OVA of Maria-sama ga miteru, considered as the start of the third season. It tells the story about Sachiko and Yumi's summer vacation.
  8. Maria-sama ga miteru OVA vol 2 - Ryakushite OK Daisakusen (Operation OK)
    The second OVA of Maria-sama ga miteru. It tells the story about how the yamayurikai prepares the school festival.
  9. Maria-sama ga miteru OVA vol 3 - Suzukaze Satsu Satsu (Cool Breeze)
    The Third OVA of Maria-sama ga miteru. Kanako's story
  10. Maria-sama ga miteru OVA vol 4 - Ready, Go!
    The Fourth OVA of Maria-sama ga miteru. The roses in Lilian's Sport Festival!
  11. Maria-sama ga miteru OVA vol 5 - Ciao Sorella release date: Jul 25, 2007
    The Fifth OVA of Maria-sama ga miteru. Field Trip to Italy

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Sakuya - Rosa Tsukkomi
Join Date: Nov 2003
Warning, this section is a big spoiler. Do not read if you havent watch the anime.

Maria-sama ga miteru Timeline.
compiled by SleeplessHeart

Spoiler for Year 0:

Spoiler for Year 1:

Spoiler for Year 2:

Major reworks in the next few weeks

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Sakuya - Rosa Tsukkomi
Join Date: Nov 2003
Maria-sama ga Miteru Trivias.

Do you know?
[*] Yumi always change her hair ribbons every day.
[*] A small story happened during the voice recording. When Ueda Kana, the seiyuu of Yumi, was recording the scene where Yumi weeps, she was actually moved to tears. Itou Miki, the seiyuu of Sachiko, enveloped Kana in her arms and stroked her head gently. [touko_no_doriru]
[*] In the last episode of Marimite season 1. The seiyuu of Rosa Kanina sings "Ave Maria" by herself! (pkgirl163)

More to come!
so many materials, so little time....

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Sakuya - Rosa Tsukkomi
Join Date: Nov 2003
Questions/Comments/Suggestions/Death Threat/Mariage proposals/ please post them in our very own Marimite Q & A thread or send me a message.
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