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Old 2004-03-28, 07:47   Link #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2004
can anyone introduce some japanese singers?

can anyone recommend some japanese singers n their songs? i like fast songs but since i'm not japanese, i don't know what songs to download.
i am currently listening to a few songs:
1. Koda Kumi- real emotion; 1000 no kotoba
2. SPEED- white love; be my love; alive
3. n some other anime songs

can anyone tell me what else is good?
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Old 2004-03-28, 10:19   Link #2
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I'm a fan of Megumi Hayashibara and Maaya Sakamoto. Two very nice singers.
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Old 2004-03-28, 11:10   Link #3
Don't use animesuki now..
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as boneyjellyfish said, i also like Maaya sakamoto! My favourite singer would have to be Shiina Ringo though, although her music isnt fast! Akino arai is also a kool singer btu her music is quite the opposite of fast!
2 good fast songs i quite like are from Digi Charat; Only one number one and Megami ni Naritai
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Old 2004-06-28, 21:36   Link #4
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Join Date: Jun 2004
the Ayumi Hamasaki´s album "a best" is a pretty good option for you and maybe the opening of rah xephon that sings mayaa sakamoto
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Old 2004-06-29, 00:17   Link #5
Ice Cream
Join Date: Jun 2004
hmm..Jpop? or Jrock?

Jpop...Utada Hikaru!

Jrock...Psycho le Cemu!!!!!
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Old 2004-06-29, 00:53   Link #6
Hail to the Sky~
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Hmm, I'd also suggest Megumi Hayashibara, but.. I dunno...

She's a good singer, but a lot of the songs she's given to sing are really not all that great ;/ I've got about 10 CDs worth of assorted Hayashibara songs, and out of those, there's probably like, 2 CDs worth of outstanding material, 2 CDs worth of adequate material, and the rest ranges from passable downwards...

Some Hayashibara songs I'd suggest specifically (fast ones, per your preference):

What's Up Guys
Exit Running
Ame no Far Away
Party Night
Yume Hurry Up
Comet Rendezvous

(those are all the good fast songs I could think of, there are probably more good ones than that, and definitely more if your definition of fast happens to be slower than mine ;v)
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Old 2004-06-29, 17:26   Link #7
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Definetely try Megumi Hayashibara and Masami Okui if you're looking for fast songs. Their stuff from the anime Slayers is really good!

Also try:
HY - 2nd song on their album Street Story
Nami Tamaki - Prayer
TM Revolution - He has tons of fast stuff. Try Zips, Albireo, Level 4, High Pressure, Neo Sphere, Hot Limit, and Engraved on the Moon for starters
Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Haruka Kanata, Flash Back, Entrance
Core of Soul - Flying People
Two Mix - anything by them tends to be fast
Move - dunno if you like rap, but 'around the world' and 'break into the night' are good.

That's good for starters
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Old 2004-06-29, 20:11   Link #8
zoom zoom zoom
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fast songs, hm?

Rina Aiuchi (Can You Feel My... , Power of Words, and Golden Moonlight are all pretty good)
Yuki Kimura (Love & Joy, and Unbalance)
Lee Jung Hyun (Nuh, Ba Kkwo, and Anti Drug)

that last artist is actually Korean, i dunno if that counts....*shrug*

Megumi Hayashibara/Masami Okui are good artists, but their songs are kinda hit-or-miss...some are really really really great, and others are....well....not so great. the ones that were mentioned are really good though. also try Nemurenai Yoru Wa... for a GREAT Masami Okui/Megumi Hayashibara collaboration song
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Old 2004-06-29, 20:24   Link #9
Join Date: Jun 2004
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Originally Posted by phoenixfire92983
Also try:
Nami Tamaki - Prayer

....well, I'm not sure I've heard that one specifically, but I'm a big fan of her generally. I saw her at Fanime and it was soooo awesome. Also, another good thing is that her CD, Greeting, has an American release from Tofu Records, which means:
1) you don't have to import it
and 2) you can get a legitimate version without paying a lot of money for it (like $30-45 for one disc)

Warning: her stuff is generally very sugary... not the most sugary I've heard, but if you don't like that kind of stuff, her music will get on your nerves, most likely. the hallways at Fanime, they played music, which was mostly looping several of her songs, so by the time of the concert I could almost have sung along, though I don't know Japanese. ^^;

I'd also like to mention that Two-Mix has some good fast-paced songs, like "Rhythm Generation".

(you can download an AMV using it here: Rhythm Animation - use the "direct" link unless you're a member of that site already)
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Old 2004-06-29, 20:59   Link #10
bleeding for sanity
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X-JAPAN, (enough said)
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Old 2004-06-29, 23:06   Link #11
Chiaki Nozomi
Indie Director
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Age: 31
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For the ultimate pop cash cow - (Hello!Project)
Morning Musume
Maki Goto
Pucchi Moni
Berryz Koubou
Otome/Sakura Gumi

Now that those groups are out of the way -
X Japan (seconded!)
Shiina Ringo (seconded!)
Luna Sea
Siam Shade
Shinohara Tomoe (the craziest Jpop artist EVER.)
SweetS (reminds me of early SPEED)'
Dreams Come True
Janne da Arc
Utada Hikaru
Dream (3nin)

... that's off the top of my head. There are more rock than pop artists though. ^^;; Anyway, if you're looking for good music, I suggest finding an episode of Countdown TV. It counts down the top 100 singles of the week, among other things. Its only snippets of songs, but you'll hear allot of music and decide who you're interested in.
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Old 2004-06-29, 23:41   Link #12
smiles with big mouth!
Join Date: Jun 2004
fast song to me would be beyound the bounds from zone of enders the second runner... i have no idea who sang it tho =/

newayz, i gues nobody mentioned yuki kajiura who did all those .hack songs (they're pretty much all good), and noir music. mai favorite was canta per me (but im into slow music, so u might not like it as much)

and nobody mentioned yoko kanno yet (cowboy bebop songs, escaflowne movie ost, and im sure more)

shinohara tomoe (Chiaki Nozomi is right, she's crazy)- kiminchi (gots to be the catchiest-over happy song i've ever heard!! lol)

the rest of mai list pretty much already mentioned somewhere on this page already.
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Old 2004-06-30, 22:21   Link #13
Ice Cream
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Yuki Kajiura & Yoko Kanno are really famous composers!!!

Kajiura also did some music for Gundam Seed, she used to be part of See-Saw with Chiaki. [Fiction Junction!!!!]

Kanno ... on the other hand, also composed songs for Macross Plus, and Wolf's Rain... (more slower and softer..i think)

i saw them both IRL! YAAYY!!..although i onlee got autographs from Yuki Kajiura...
neway, alot of her music is really upbeat

(also, she composed some songs for Kimagure Orange Road)

and ..her upcoming (which will be released on July 7...) is: Xenosaga II -Zenaku no Higan- movie soundtrack!!.. i can't wait to hear this!
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Old 2004-07-05, 13:30   Link #14
kawaii.. I guess
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woowoo time to dl
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Old 2004-07-08, 00:21   Link #15
Join Date: Apr 2004
i cant find some of the singers u ppl mentioned on kazaa. can anyone tell me what is the best program to download jap songs from plz?
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Old 2004-07-08, 13:52   Link #16
Join Date: Jun 2004
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Originally Posted by jay3k
i cant find some of the singers u ppl mentioned on kazaa. can anyone tell me what is the best program to download jap songs from plz?
No, I don't think we're allowed to here, and plus I don't know. You CAN buy Nami Tamaki's CD legitimately here

aha! the forum rules which forbid me from telling you where to download the songs illegally.
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Old 2004-07-08, 21:50   Link #17
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I say Malice Mizer they have a cool up beat kinda tecno Music.
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Old 2004-07-09, 05:13   Link #18
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If you want somewhat fast music i suggest some official remixes of utada hikaru's songs (with official remixes i meen the ones of planet b) some good ones are simple and clean, travelling, but others are good as well, but don't listen to the original versions of 'em they..... kinda suck
other good artist
hitomi (my favorite)
ayumi hamasaki
BoA (actually Korean, but makes Japanese music as well, again i suggest the remixes)
and for really happy upbeat music get some of the ParaPara CD's
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Old 2004-07-10, 18:19   Link #19
kawaii.. I guess
Join Date: May 2004
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Age: 36
i just started listening to Maaya Sakamoto and Yaida Hitomi- both really great and thanks for the suggestions.

I have a question: what's the difference between Yaida Hitomi and Hitomi Shimatani? preferences/style comments pls
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Old 2004-07-10, 19:10   Link #20
pythagorean≠python gorax
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fast japanese songs?
oik, here goes..

Artist: m-flo
song title: Miss You
category: R&B
a quick paced R&B-style song sung by m-flo with Ryuhei and Melody. If you get the chance, download the video to this ;P

Artist: TM Revolution
song title: Der Freischutz
category: Rock/pop
TM Revolution always has some weird and bizarre stuff.. in the music video, the father transforms his arm into a rocket launcher to ward off a suitor going after her daughter (who also has a rocket-launcher in his arm)

Artist: Soul'd Out
song title: Flyte time
category: R&B
If you can keep up with Soul'd Out's lyrics, then i'd be mighty impressed :P

<Pabs> kcl, you sure do put out a lot of Naruto eps
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