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Old 2011-05-03, 15:51   Link #1
mukansa monkey
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Logout Timer

This has been bugging me for a while now. I can almost never type out a post without getting logged out while composing it. Thankfully lately my posts haven't been getting trashed when I'm forced to the login page, but it's still unnerving. Could you pleaseplease extend the timer a bit?

I tend to type long posts, but still... getting kicked off every few minutes is annoying. Often I don't even know if I'm still logged in, because I stopped reading a single forum page for a minute. That can be all it takes... read 10 long posts and poof, logged out.
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Old 2011-05-03, 16:28   Link #2
Yuri 'serator
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I sure there is some setting you can change this as I never get timed out. So maybe it's just clicking the "Remember Me" box when you log in, though I get the feeling it's some other setting under the userCP that I am just overlooking atm .
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Old 2011-05-03, 18:21   Link #3
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^You're right, just checking the "Remember Me" box as you log in turns off the session timer (just remember to log out!)

(speaks from experience)
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Old 2011-05-03, 21:33   Link #4
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The bit about being logged-out "every few minutes" is pretty suspect to begin with, since it looks like the default session timeout is 15 minutes, and any action take should automatically extend the time. So even clicking around from page to page or clicking the Preview button while creating a post in advanced mode should do the trick. If you're saying that you're having this problem all the time while clicking around the site, then it makes me think something is odd about your web browser configuration.

The "Remember Me" function may fix it by creating a persistent cookie, but that would probably only bypass the root cause. What the root cause is, though, is a bit hard to say. I might also try using a different web browser (Chrome? Firefox?) to see if that helps.

If you do use the Remember Me option, just remember to logout manually if other people have access to your computer.
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request logout timer

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