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Tiberium Wolf
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Dungeon Siege III

Like DS I and II the game is linear just like it was expected to be. Skills were dumbed a down a little and targeting is console aimbot.

Finished the game today and the story was fun but very short. Had some choices that would have affected the ending.

I played ranged char Katarina. It's a mix of Miss Fortune and Caitlyn from LOL. We have 2 modes. Rifle and double shotgun. Seriously I spent the game dodging and shooting with rifle on boss and single enemy targets. Double shotgun when there were clusters of enemies. With the rifle you could even shoot the enemy when it was out of line of sight and since it had aimbot and the camera was truly a shit. I simply dodge and run and use mouse to point to the direction of the enemy and then shoot. No need to see the enemy itself.

Lot's of items but they removed the set thing and basically get whatever and move on. Money wasn't even an issue. Also we could only get 1 companion. -1 from DS II

The most difficult part of the game was the fight at the cave at the beginning of the game and the final battle.

The game was fun. Might do a second run. Still kinda disappointed that the game is so simple. BTW, the voice acting of Katarina char was HORRIBLE!

I wish there was a new Neverwinter nights. But then again that game gets too complex with every version.

Edit: Can mod correct the topic pls?

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