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Old 2014-01-21, 04:57   Link #1
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One Piece - Chapter 735 [manga]

Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

Thread Guidelines
  • One Piece is licensed by Viz, please don't ask for or mention where to find or download the manga.
  • Please do not discuss scanlations, translation groups, etc., etc.
  • Raw requests and offers are not permitted anywhere on this forum.
  • Discuss your expectations of the chapter if it has not been published yet.
  • Posting a synopses or summary is fine (and welcome).
  • Be polite to your fellow forum members.
  • Please try to keep the discussion on topic.
  • Spoilers will not be policed in this thread, so if you haven't read the chapter yet, just stay out if you don't want to read spoilers.
Remember that the manga is licensed, do not post significant parts of the chapter. This includes images, scripts and direct translations of the manga. Summaries are OK, crops of pictures are OK (only if you need to illustrate your point) but this is it.

Okay, NOW the spoilers are here! Credit goes to the usual providers (Redon, Aohige, etc.):

-Chapter title is "Fujitora's intentions". Splash page features Sanji playing soccer with armadillos.

-At the arena, it's announced that the next match will go straight to the finals with Diamante. Rebecca then has a chat with Lucy, who she realizes is NOT the same Lucy she's familiar with. Meanwhile, at the palace, Violet is guiding Luffy's group. During their journey, she tells them that she too is a princess, and the aunt of Rebecca.

-Meanwhile, Franky is still battling Sr. Pink. It's revealed that Pink has the powers of the Sui Sui no Mi ("Sui" in this case referring to swimming, NOT water). It also turns out that he's not alone, as another of Dofla's officers, Machvise, joins in on the battle, too! Looks like he has a DF ability that lets him float like a balloon. However, things become even MORE chaotic as marine soldiers led by VA Bastille have arrived to apprehend Franky....!!!!

-Back at the palace, Doflamingo thanks Fujitora for his help, but the blind admiral once again reminds him that they're not allies. He just says he'll take down the Straw-Hats with as few civilian casualties as possible, and deal with Doflamingo later. When the warlord asks him what he means, he replies that since he became an admiral through worldwide conscription, he now has the power to make certain changes..... such as eliminating the Shichibukai system. Fuji brings up Crocodile's plot to take over Alabasta as another incident that had the potential to become as bad as Dressrosa if it had succeeded. When Dofla objects even further (even going as far as asking what will become of the world's balance), the admiral tells him to calm down, as they'll remain friends.... for now. He'll also fulfill his duty and protect the country, even if his blindness renders him unable to see what will be uncovered in the process. However, as the upcoming Reverie approaches, the world will make a move, regardless of the outcome......

-Back at the arena, Koala arrives just in time to watch the finals. As "Lucy" (Sabo) steps into the ring, he thinks of Ace.....

Whoa, what a chapter! I'm liking Fujitora more and more every time I see him! Very interesting to see that he basically supports destroying the world's balance. Looks like he's quite the wild card in this arc, indeed....

And speaking of marines, I was sorta hoping that Zoro and Kinemon would take on Bastille, but Franky's cool, I guess. But it's kinda unfair that he gets to take on 3 bosses by himself, lol. Also can't wait to finally see the tourney finals (I'm mainly interested in seeing Diamante in action, though Sabo and Burgess should be quite interesting, as well)....

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Okay guys, summary is up! Discuss away!
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I'm into early spoilersXD Wow man, Franky just keeps getting more awesome in this arc, he was already one of my top favorites behind Sanji but sheesh man!

Fuji is becoming a favorite of mine too, this is kind of turning into Thriller Bark 2.0 though, if the Strawhats do more damage like say defeat Dof LOL Than guy's going to try to destroy them at the end. Course, could they be able to actually fight now? Which would be amazing to see. Not to mention Sabo, what will happen to him? I hope we find out what's happened to Sabo since his fake death, awnser some questions for us such as " Why didn't he come to help Luffy or Ace during the WhiteBeard War? " Ace I can understand maybe, why not help Luffy though?

Luffy will face Dof of course, guess we know who Zoro will go against now for sure, than again ever since the guy appeared fans have been speculating this. With Fuji after both Dof and the Strawhats and Luffy V.S Dof going down soon, really am curious about this one.

Fun arc, Oda just keeps adding more awesomeness, it's becoming one of my favorites


So, Sanji and his group not joining in this Dof arc? It's just going to be Luffy / Zoro / Usopp/ ( Hopefully Robin too ) V.S Dof and his crew? Sanji's going to be pissed LOL. Imagine Zoro getting a high bounty after his fights in the arc, wonder if the Goverment will catch a glimps of Sanji's fight with Big Mom? Monster Trio's bounty going to sky rocket after this arc, maybe Sanji will finally slowly catch up to Zoro's old bounty, he's way behind with that.
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Old 2014-01-22, 02:02   Link #4
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I do like how Franky's rocket actually did something to Pink, and the Senior taking the full blunt to cover for his comrade.

Combined with what we saw when he took on Baby5 and Buffalo, Franky is clearly more than a match for any single one of these officers.
I'm not sure who's screwed more right now, Sanji fending off Big Mom's ship or Franky.
I'd have to go with the latter since Sanji still has Ceasar, Nami, Chopper, and Brook with him.

And Sabo with the metal pipe is a **** yeah moment. He still uses those as weapon!
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Old 2014-01-22, 04:02   Link #5
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Really glad to see Sabo's still using his weapon of choice... as they always say... "Respect the Pipe"~
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Old 2014-01-22, 04:30   Link #6
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Wow ! Really great chapter.. everything seems interesting, and for me fujitora is the most interesting.. He seems have his own reason to protect justice, not like others admiral.. He also probably know about doflamingo doing with king Riku country, thats why he want to deal with doflamingo later and destroy shicibukai rule, i wonder what will happen if that things come true and seeing from that attitude of fujitora, i think doflamingo will really quit from being Dressrosa King in the end of this dressrosa arc, doflamingo really in trouble here
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Old 2014-01-22, 04:36   Link #7
Okuyasu the Bird
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Not much to say about the chapter itself, but I think it really is incredible just how many new devil fruit powers this arc is showcasing alone.
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Old 2014-01-22, 05:22   Link #8
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What did I miss here. Is this a rumor with Sabo or is it actual Sabo?
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Old 2014-01-22, 05:39   Link #9
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It's the actual Sabo, considering Luffy's reaction.
Still haven't seen his face once though.
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^ Although he hasn't been shown clearly yet, or his name revealed, it's definitely Sabo.

The hints so far from the top of my head:
- His dress style including trademark hat
- Luffy crying
- Luffy saying he thought he was dead
- Showing the 3 cups at Ace's grave
- Him being a revolutionary
- Connection to Ace
- Trademark steel pipe weapon

I just noticed when re-reading, but Sabo has a star drawn on his chest to simulate Luffy's scar?

Violet is confirmed to be Rebecca's aunt, and she mentions watching over the tontatta in her sister's place. Does that mean Rebecca's mother had that clairvoyance power too? Seems unlikely, maybe she was just watching over them in her own way.

It looks like Franky might get overwhelmed. He was doing alright vs two of Dofla's men, but the added marine manpower will be tough to handle.

The thing about Fujitora's intentions was the most interesting part though, he clearly dislikes the shichibukai system and wishes to get rid of it. Unfortunately, he's going to depend on the next reverie to take care of that. Fujitora is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.

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Old 2014-01-22, 06:41   Link #11
a random Indonesian otaku
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dat steel-pipe weapon.... oh wow!
please just showed us his face already... and his battle
Koala is in the arena too

go Franky!!! I love Rocket Launcher!
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Sabo seems pretty tall. Also that steel pipe is badass.
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The best part is no doubt the cross-shaped scar drawn on Sabo's chest with thick black marker.
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Old 2014-01-22, 08:49   Link #14
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Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
go Franky!!! I love Rocket Launcher!

Though everyone did notice that nothing come from his canon hair. lol.

Originally Posted by The Small One View Post
I wonder if Franky is going to retreat, or if he can continue to fight.
I hope Franky is not over yet that quickly, like if he could transform to Franky Shogun, the fight would be interesting.
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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
Combined with what we saw when he took on Baby5 and Buffalo, Franky is clearly more than a match for any single one of these officers.
I wouldn't take the fight against Baby5 and Buffalo too much into account, because Franky was in Shogun mode, which gave him a big-ass advantage he now doesn't have. But holding his own against two officers of Diamante's fighting army is really awesome and remarkable on it's own!
And Sabo with the metal pipe is a **** yeah moment.
Hell yeah, that was f****g awesome!!

Originally Posted by Trax
Violet is confirmed to be Rebecca's aunt, and she mentions watching over the tontatta in her sister's place. Does that mean Rebecca's mother had that clairvoyance power too? Seems unlikely, maybe she was just watching over them in her own way.
Perhaps it's my bad translation, but to me it sounded the other way around. Violet was thanking the Tontatta for watching over Becs together with the Soldier.

I liked the comments on Franky's hair and the X on Sabo's chest.
Fujitora's speech was pure awesomeness (Like The Small One I found it interesting that Fujitora still worries most about the civilians) and I'm really looking forward to the moment when Luffy comes bashing through the door, facing those two
Still, so much is going on in this arc: The colosseum, the Sunny, the royal palace and the toy factory. The next weeks will be intense!
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Looks like Zoro v. Fuji is going to happen, even though I think the fight will be interrupted after both showing some of their powers.
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Wow, now I really wonder if the big Luffy vs Doflamingo battle is going to happen in this arc at all, since Fujitora said he wanted to take care of Joker at some point. Also, he's pretty much set on stopping Luffy, since he believes that if his and Doflamingo's crew where to battle to the death, the civillain casualties would be high. However, I wonder how Fujitora is planning to stop the Strawhats without causing casualties himself. In fact, taking out Doflamingo and his gang with the help of the Strawhats might even prove to cause less collateral damage. Both Doflamingo and Fujitora are currently under the impression, that Luffy is still at the colloseum. What they don't know is that he's about to burst into the palace any moment now. Faced with this unpredicted scenario, Fujitora may well decide to start his shichibukai hunt right then and there. Then again, Luffy + Zorro + Kinemon + Fujitora vs. Doflamingo wouldn't be a very interesting battle. It would, however, be the battle with the lesser amount of collateral damage when compared to Fujitora + Doflamingo vs Luffy + Zorro + Kinemon. In addition to that, I don't see the strawhats winning that latter battle. Luffy might be able to take out Doflamingo, but an admiral is still too much for Zorro at this point, even with the help of Kinemon (unless he proves to be super powerful).
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Damn good chapter. From my increased appreciation of Senor Pink (which is hard considering how much I dislike his design), to the first moment of awesome from supposed Sabo and Fujitora finally making a real splash in the story, this is a damn fine chapter.
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what did sabo accidentally call bartolomeo? marin...?

i think someone will come help out franky, too much for him to take on by himself

zorro will fight fuji? wow...
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Franky is in trouble. He has to deal with two operatives of Doflamingo's crew and a vice admiral, I will be seriously impressed if he manages to take care of all of them by himself. I think it's more likely he will receive help, perhaps from the revolutionaries. Luffy and Zoro are also going to need help since it looks like Fujitora intends to fight. No way they can take out Doffy + Pica + Fujitora by themselves.

Senor Pink is seriously hard-boiled. I like him despite his ridiculous design.
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