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Old 2011-06-01, 13:50   Link #101
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Originally Posted by Leo_Otaku View Post
I too enjoyed the scene where they all look at their plans they made when they were kids. So amusing!
I remember making plans like that. Thankfully, it hardly ever came to fruition because our parents weren't stupid and kept an eye on us
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Old 2011-06-01, 16:33   Link #102
well, okay
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Originally Posted by DragoonKain3 View Post
Odd, I was under the impression that 6 years has passed since Menma's death. I was pretty sure it was mentioned somewhere in the series, but I can't remember exactly where.

And wow, the person trying to stop the gang from making the fireworks is in the Honma household? Interesting. Who's the final boss? lols

In any case, YukiaTsuruko so awesome this episode. I dunno, but the rarity of shipping clues for them makes every bit more enjoyable than the numerous, blatant JintAnaru we're getting.

I particularly liked Tsuruko's 'all or nothing' attitude... "I don't want to go out for tea as friends, but on a full fledged date as couple" is basically what she's trying to say. Though to be fair, I find it more sweet on Yukiatsu's part in taking things slowly (if he is indeed meaning it that way), as it's just more fun to watch than just blatantly asking her out like he did with Anaru (though I think Tsuruko would rather have it that way). And seeing Tsuruko working so hard just to keep up with Yukiatsu in grades (and presumably she has done it before so they can go to the same high school they go to now)... d'aww.
I agree with everything you said about YukiaTsuruko.
The vagueness of their ship in comparison to JintAnaru makes it more.. desirable? Hopefully they'll end up together in the end.

(and I think it's kind of cool how out of those two couples, 2 letters of each of their names can make them fuse together)
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Old 2011-06-03, 17:15   Link #103
a random Indonesian otaku
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hahaha.... love JintAnaru so much in this episode....
finally Jinta can find something that make his youth more useful...

I never expect Menma's mother will be the one who prevent them..... aaahhh... what is happening??!!!

*going to watch ep 8 right now*
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