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Old 2004-04-01, 15:01   Link #21
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Heh.. i am probably the few people that listen to popular music... i have nothing agianst what other people say but... i dunno i guess i am one of those people that enjoy all types of music. if someone looks at my cd collection, they might think i'm weird or something. everything from classical to Jay-Z to John Mayer to Metallica to Maroon 5. I guess if there is real emotion in a song. Then i'll enjoi it.
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Old 2004-04-01, 22:45   Link #22
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To me, music is 'noise' that is meaningful, which is determined by the individual listener. With all the different genres of music now, ranging from classical to jazz to hiphop... and not to mention the segregations within these groups.. (minimalist, twelve-tone, acid jazz, etc etc) What may appeal and make sense to one person, may not for someone else. This makes it hard to draw lines and distinctions about the nature of music.

I think making music is one of the greatest joys one can ever derive in life, especially when you make music with other people. (Being a soloist can be quite lonely, don't you think?) Be it singing together, playing the piano while your friend sings.. Whichever. It touches you deep inside and it's an amazing feeling when you're on the same wavelength together and something in you just goes 'click'. Knowing that your mates feel the same way as you do is somehow, priceless. That's because it's different each time, and the experience can never be perfectly replicated: It's for the moment, and it'll only exist in your memories.

Personally, Baroque and 20th-century music are simply the best (Gimme my Bach, Britten and Berg). For now, fave anime soundtracks are Gilgamesh/Shingetsutan Tsukihime. Pretty progressive.
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Old 2004-04-05, 17:47   Link #23
Chiaki Nozomi
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Music... hmm... music is what I make of it! :P
I've never listened to english music exclusively, so I don't really prefer it compared to my other countries. This is only going with what the 'masses' prefer though. MTV, VH1, BET = SATAN. My music collection spans the globe and genres.

I think I like music allot because I go insane when I don't have any type of sound running in the background. (I'm a master at hiding headphones at school) Its also interesting to see how the same themes are being conveyed. Love, hate, happiness, sadness, pain, lust, humor.... its simply facinating how we're all connected.

And in a bit of weirdness, when I listen to music, the mood of the song effects me. The great singers can pierce my soul, but the good ones normally brush against it. I'm the type that cries hearing a song just from the sheer emotion conveyed regardless of knowing the words or not, and can have my moods lifted by hearing a Morning Musume song. I love hearing music live, it just fills me with a peaceful happiness....

And an artist must sound good live. Its the true test of talent.
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Old 2004-04-09, 04:52   Link #24
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Originally Posted by WaterElf
i like Jap Anime Music very much

and normally i only listen to this kind and classical
We are exactly the same. All I listen to is japanese music. It just makes sense. Since I'm yellow man trapped inside a black man's body I grew up with people that had much differnt tastes than my own.

So envirnment does play a factor somewhat. I can't imagine my life without japanese, video game,techno, and classical music in my life
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Old 2004-04-10, 06:29   Link #25
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I love music with emotion, music is meant to move the heart and motivate the mind. That was the initial idea when people began listening to music. As Plato once said " Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." In 97' I got swept away by X Japan's hide, and I never looked back, what I look for is soul, and poetry of words, and I found that in Jrock and different forms of music outside American music. I still love american music though, like 30 Seconds to Mars, Everclear, Grand Master Flash, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Sublime, and Gin Blossoms (wierd selection, I know. ) but with the air waves being filled with simplistic "I hate my dad cause I can't go out on Friday night" type songs by bands like Good Charolette (Whom by the way are nearing their 30s, let it go guys) that pretty much just making music towards their demographic, I'm forced to stick to my Jrock, and other global tunes, which is fine with me.
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Old 2004-10-22, 21:32   Link #26
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Hm...Music, to me, is...well...
Heh...guess it's a harder question than it looks.
Well, to me, music should really move you. If you listen to a song that's supposed to make you think, and you don't, how is it music? If you listen to a very happy song that's supposed to make you feel like you just accomplished the greatest of your goals in life, and you don't feel motivated at all, how is it music?
Really, to me, if a song can reach through the layers of pessimism and angst in everyday life that just drag you through the day, and really move your soul...That's music.
That's music.
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Old 2004-10-23, 09:04   Link #27
Wang Hung Lo
Death to False Music
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Most of the time I listen to aggresive music, be it hardcore punk, straightedge punk, Japanese punk, thrash metal, black metal, heavy metal, and jett rock n roll. I like to bang my head, move my body, jump, kick, whatever the music tells me to do. Then again I enjoy delta blues, indie pop, dream pop, math rap, proto metal, and whatever the hell else. I guess if the music borders on genius, then it will capture my attention, but if it's sacharine nutrasweet crap that you hear on the radio or see on the TV, then it's not worth my time. I can be critical of music.
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Old 2004-10-24, 20:01   Link #28
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I like music with soothing melody. The undescribable feelings that I get when I hear them always washes away all my bad moods. Music such as: Aladin's A Whole New World which leaves me in tears for minutes everytime I hear it, or Shimokawa Mikuni's Arekara also good, the soft opening that slowly leads into the high notes (climax..?) as if it was the sounds from heaven... Pardon me for my bad grammer... Anyways, you get the idea of what music is to me...

By the way, don't say I have dirty thoughts or anything, but I seem to like female artists' songs better... (Less of a: "Yell Scream ROAR!" type of music...) @_@

Also, for some reason I like songs in languages that I don't understand... Don't know if anyone of you is like me...

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Old 2004-10-30, 16:06   Link #29
Lain Iwakura
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Ahh..How wonderful it is..

Depending on the person, music is the touch of the soul of music that a person plays. If something you listen to makes you feel something, hate, love, optimism, then there's what that music is. That wounderous feeling that surges throughout one's body.
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Old 2004-10-30, 16:40   Link #30
Kurumada's lost child
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Good music for me is everything that is very instrumental. It has to be something very melodic. If the music has some kind of rushed sound in it or if there is a "surprising" sound that interrupts the flow of the music then it that music is trash for me.

Hence, my favorite music is:

1: Metal, such as Therion, Nightwish, Iron Maiden, Black Sabath, Rammstain, Lacrimosa, Haggar, Moonspell, Metallica (Only the old songs!) and some others that follow their melodic style. I HATE "noisy" metal that doesn't follow any melodic flow but instead appears to be ramdon in itself, example: Sepultura, Children of the Boom and Canibal corpse.

2. Trance, This type of music is indeed one of the melodic most melodic music out there, of course that there are some bands that fail to make interesting melodies. But once you listen to a good band such as, ATB, Rober Milles, Tomcraft or Alice Deejay, you'll get to see what good trance is all about.

3. Rock, Well in this case any kind of standar rock, such as Cranberries, Nirvana, Pink floid, Sound Garden, Red hot Chili Peppers (The old songs!), The beetles, Three Doors Down, Weezer and many others with that style.

4. Classic music, talking about good music, this is indeed one of the best there is, and it is even better if you have piano and violin together

5. Music from Final Fantasy and Saint Seiya, these two types of music are very similar to classic music. They are extremely melodic and deep. They are so good that they have been awarded many times. And I believe that these two are the best anime music out there
"If you educate people, you cannot control them." ~Jacque Fresco
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Old 2004-11-12, 21:00   Link #31
ninja massacre
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Geez, as musician I don't know how to make my post small.
Music is like everything to me...whateva...

I like film music very much, Especially anime music.
I really like harmonic instrumental songs. Example : Naruto, FMA.
The singing can screw the music up very much.

You can compare a instrumental song and a singing song the same way you compare a book with a movie.
In the book we get own pictures in our head and uses our fantasy but in movies everything is already decided.
Get my point? instrumental music owns! Especially if it's asian.
IMO, if an anime like naruto or FMA didn't have emotional music.
I would not even bother to watch the series.
Music does so much bigger affect in anime, movies etc then people think.

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Old 2004-11-12, 22:18   Link #32
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Originally Posted by RichMan
Hmmm, I don't really mind if people is played with actual insturments or not. Think of it this way: The way you play a horn is blowing and pressing buttons.
You can 'play' a lot of things by blowing them and pressing their buttons.

Originally Posted by RichMan
A computer is the samething, your pressing a button, but the difference is that you don't have to blow and with a computer you can screw with the sounds to achieve a great beat.
Argh. Sound is not equal to beat. Rhythm and melody are two completely different things and the phrase 'a good beat' is meaningless, since so much music is, at its very base, built upon some kind of time signature.

Music, and music culture, are really complex, involved concepts and I don't think we teach our children enough about them or how to appreciate them. For example, a lot of people may enjoy a particular song more because of its message or lyrics, the mindset surrounding it, the enviroment they grew up in, what they or their friends believe, their political views, or just about anything else except for the music itself. Not that there's anything wrong with this at all, but it shows how modern music can be a synthesis of poetry, composition and, who knows, even philosophy or social commentary.

There's a huge amount of variety in what people enjoy in music. I, for example, particularly like structure and melody, meaning repetitive pieces or pieces with fewer dynamics generally do less for me compared to complex or elaborate, delicate compositions, Then again, there's a lot of prog rock music I don't like because it's far too elaborate, busy and overwrought, and a lot of simple, direct folk pieces I do enjoy. Since the time of Beethoven (all right, before then, but I'm thinking of a special case), music has been about imparting your own message, sharing your experiences or expressing what you think and feel. I can get a lot out of a piece of music if the lyrics or message are something that I personally connect with. Sometimes that can change my opinion of a piece, or warm me to something I'd usually not expect to like.

I don't see music as being all about just what the lyrics say, about enjoying something because it's popular, about

Originally Posted by mantidor
musical tastes depend mostly IMO on where and when you were raised, for example in africa the use a different scale (i think 5 scales while in the west we use 8, i don't remember) so when we hear their music, it sounds horrible and untunned, while they consider our music to be the one which is untunned.
This is a good point, and I think the evolution of music is very interesting. Too many people only want to listen to the music they grew up with, marking everything that happened before they were born as irrelevant to their lives or not worth trying. I'm really glad my musical tastes have expanded as much as they have, although they're probably still quite narrow compared to some. However, I still can't enjoy music that I consider too repetitive or monotone - those are still the ultimate crimes to me. I find, more than ever, that I'm listening to 'pure' music now - music without lyrics or a context that is really relevant to me at all. Just music.

Originally Posted by mantidor
The same thing with sexual preferences. If we were born in the middle ages, probably people wouldn't consider jeniffer lopez or Nicole Kidman as beautiful or atractive as they are considered today
Pfft. I don't consider either of them attractive.

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Old 2004-11-18, 11:48   Link #33
Viva Chile!
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Talking what's music?

For me, music is an art...
the art to mke than other people feel...
what do you feel?
what they feel?
anything is fine...
for example... i like l'arc in ciel and hanson... can believe this?
well, this is me... is freak
anyway, music is all, the life, is a remember that you really existed.
some people said "that group is so bad, in other words suck!"
sometimes they have reason...
if you feel the music in your body is enough
that is for me music
other thing is a especific group or artist....

i repeat... somebody talk spanish?
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Old 2004-11-18, 16:08   Link #34
~~~dont' tell me~~~
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With me , music means the sweetest melodies in my life , the sounds which fullfill my soul , the voices give me more confidence everytime I feel down .... Music help me found myself .... Whatever music is , thanks for what it brings to my life !
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Old 2004-11-18, 19:45   Link #35
Madlax fanboyz
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Originally Posted by Legat0
Music is to me has to fullfill a couple of demands:
- It has to contain instruments, not a computer!
- It has to be able to perform live.

Most of the pop music these days is made to make money, so it is often enhanced using a computer. I don't call that music.
oh nooooo

how about EDM

or how about Vangelis - Chariot of Fires? or Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells? Or music plays by an electric organ that my little sister is playing?

As for anime music(Yes, I have to mention this because I realize that i'm offtopic. If need be, move this to general chat plz). It's alright(in general). Alot of anime fight BGM get me amped. As for the japanese music itself, I like alot of the insturmental playing, but since I don't speak japanese it kinda screws it up for me. ^_^'

Your turn...
DITTO... thats why I like Kanjiura Yuki

rap MUSIC = oxymoron

techno is waht you hear
newage/classical is what you feel
trance is what is feel and dance
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Old 2004-11-18, 20:12   Link #36
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Music is the current color of my soul.
This means that it enhances the current emotional state I'm in, so if you ever happen to enter my appartment you'll know immediatelly what mood I'm in and wether or not it can be risked bothering me.
Which is of course the reason why I have a very varied music collection.
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Old 2004-11-18, 20:26   Link #37
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Music for me is something that riles me up (if you know what I mean ).
Muse for instance is on the top of my list, just because I love the music they make, and because it get's the adrenaline flowing. (Although not their last album, but Origin of Symmetry get's it pumping).
KMFDM, same story.
Andrea Bocelli, something on an entirely different level, does not get me riled up, but I love his music for different reasons, reasons I can't explain. I don't know why, but it's just a feeling. Something I can not describe.
That is music for me, listening to something, knowing I love it, but being unable to describe why, or that it really get's the adrenaline flowing.

Sure, trance/hardcore/techno/whatever is great to listen too, for a short amount of time. It get's boring REAL fast.
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Old 2006-01-26, 11:41   Link #38
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Well, I listen to mainly Hip Hop so for me it's all about the lyrics. I like complex lyrics that make you think. Though, I do like most stuff, nothing ever compares to Hip Hop.
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Old 2006-01-26, 11:46   Link #39
Circular Logic
Join Date: Dec 2005

Anything which isn't hip hop, pop, R&B, rap, death metal, urban, industrial, techno... And the list goes on
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Old 2006-01-26, 19:01   Link #40
ショ ン (^^)
*IT Support
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My View

Music to me is anything that makes me feel alive or sparks my imagination if i can get lost in the melody or the beat then i love it i love to dance so anything that makes me move without me noticing it i would have to agree that 95% of music at least in america suck these days it just copying or remixing there is really no creativity that much in Rap i feel that there is none anymore and thats just my opinion. I like artiest that write their own music and know how to read and play music for example Alicia Keys. The beat doesnt matter to me if i feel it i feel it. It doesnt matter if its pop classical hip hop trip hop techno jungle blue grass or whatever.

By the way whoever started this thread kudos to you.
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