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Old 2011-06-12, 23:33   Link #1
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Your One Piece miscalculations [manga discussion]

Many of us here have been following this series weekly for a number of years now (for me, I've been following it since early in the Water 7 arc, roughly around the time Usopp and Luffy fought). I'm also sure that for as long as you've been following the series, you've come up with your own zany predictions and theories during past storylines that ended up dead wrong. So why not list some of those old miscalculations in this thread? Here's some of mine (most of them being from the W7/Enies Lobby arc):

-Franky was connected to CP9 somehow (this is true to an extent due to his connection to Spandam, but I was thinking more along the lines of him being one of the agents (yeah, this prediction was made before the actual CP9 members unmasked themselves at Iceburg's mansion....)).

-Usopp would fight against Kaku in order to avenge Merry (I wasn't the only one to think this, either...... quite a few folks shared the same thoughts at the time ).

-I saw the faint possibility that Luffy and co. would travel to Impel Down after spending some time in EL (like CP9 would whisk away Franky/Robin to the prison or something so the crew would travel there to rescue them).

-The Straw-Hats would fight against CP9 in team battles (this was before the second half of CP9 was revealed at EL. I still think that would've been pretty cool, though....).

-Spandam would be a Rokushiki user and the final boss of the EL arc (I changed my mind on the first prediction quickly enough since it became more and more clear that Spandam was as wimpy as he ever was. But I still sorta saw the possibility of him being the final boss of EL if he had a secret weapon of sorts (kinda like Takeda Kanryu with the gatling gun in Rurouni Kenshin)).

-Either Sanji or Franky would fight against Blueno (I was NOT expecting Luffy to take him on. But at least the fight was awesome even if poor Blueno was just a guinea pig for Gear 2 ).

-Usopp would blow up some Buster Call battleships with Kabuto (boy, was I naive little bugger during that storyline.....).

-When Garp first revealed the Yonkou, I thought one of them would be an updated version of one of the villains from the early Romance Dawn one-shots (Crescent Moon Galley and Spiel the Hexagon, respectively).

-When he was revealed at Thriller Bark, I thought that Moria would have an "alternate form" of sorts, due to the stitches on his body.

-I figured Usopp would fight against that 4-armed gunman general zombie (I still kinda wish that matchup happened, though at least it was still cool he got to take on Perona).

-I sorta figured that Kuma may have had some kind of time-based DF power, due to his teleportation and ability to make people vanish.

-I was one of many who thought that Duval may have been an old East Blue villain before he was unmasked.

-I think some folks here might be more familiar with this one (definitely james, at least): I predicted that Hancock was Luffy's mother (honestly, I still would have preferred that twist over that silly "love disease" nonsense..... ).

-I predicted that Luffy and co. would escape Impel Down from underwater (I guess I just thought it would be a lot more exciting than simply backtracking through the whole prison.....).


Now go ahead and post your history of mistakes!
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Old 2011-06-13, 02:01   Link #2
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I definitely thought that Ace would survive Whitebeard's War (honestly, I'm still a little shocked he hasn't...and this is coming from a person that predicted Ace's death years before the war (admittedly, I only predicted his death for the dramatic effect, rather than any specifics)).

That being said:

- I often speculated that Jinbei would be the mid-boss of the series, with Luffy encountering him right before entering the New World. In fact, I had a lot of speculation concerning the potential encounter between Luffy and Jinbei , but alas, Oda decided to make Jinbei a good guy instead of a more badass Arlong (which is what I had hoped for).

- I speculated that Zoro would receive training from a little old man (potentially with a connection to Roger or at least Mihawk) on some random island, but instead, he received training from Mihawk himself (talk about overkill ).

- I thought that Usopp would be able to use rubber pellets or glass marbles to help combat Eneru (I was a really big Usopp fan at the time ).

- I really thought that Luffy would be able to subconsciously use Haki to strike one Logia-user (probably Smoker) during Whitebeard's War, but alas nothing...

- I speculated that Magellan would follow Luffy to Marineford. I aslo speculated that Luffy would defeat Magellan during the war...really, there were a lot of speculations from me about Luffy encountering Magellan again .

I'm sure there are plenty of others, but I'm forgetting them currently...
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Old 2011-06-13, 02:24   Link #3
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This sounds fun

Right off the bat,

- Luffy is Roger's son.

- Laboon is worthless in plot and will never be mentioned again.

- Hancock would be on Luffy's ship by now. (there still hope, and yes I'm delusional)

I think about it more later.
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Old 2011-06-13, 03:53   Link #4
ronin myael
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Originally Posted by Undertaker View Post
- Luffy is Roger's son.
i thought about that too! ace as roger's son was a real twist in my opinion. who would have thought? i didn't think he would die either. i really thought that luffy would come barging into impel down and save him. his death was a shocker.
"Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly."~ Neil Gaiman (The Sandman)
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Old 2011-06-13, 07:28   Link #5
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lets see":

1) Zoro won't get a handicap durign the training arc. Well it as more an assumption.
2)There won't be a training arc/break
3) Ace will survive
4)Sanji would learn/get to use the leg parts of rokusho arts, esp the double jump and quick movement
5)Buggy is hiding some skill or power and is stronger than he was. Well there is still hope for this.
6)Whitebeard will have a beard
7) I had thought Shanks was a noob pirate cos he lost an arm to the sea king and expected him to either meet luffy in some town or die/get severely injured as a catalyst for luffy. Didn't quite expect him to be a super power
8) etc
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Old 2011-06-13, 11:34   Link #6
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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
- I often speculated that Jinbei would be the mid-boss of the series, with Luffy encountering him right before entering the New World. In fact, I had a lot of speculation concerning the potential encounter between Luffy and Jinbei , but alas, Oda decided to make Jinbei a good guy instead of a more badass Arlong (which is what I had hoped for).

Well, think of it this way: Oda kinda met you halfway there with Hody Jones, didn't he (a more "extreme" version of Arlong)?

Originally Posted by Undertaker View Post
- Laboon is worthless in plot and will never be mentioned again.

Boy, this one sure takes me back. I remember seeing this argument pop up around other forums back when I was following the series during the W7/EL days. But wouldn't you know it, Oda proved the naysayers wrong by revealing the whale and his caretaker to have connections to a future Straw-Hat AND Roger! Personally, I always figured Crocus was connected to Roger somehow since he was the only character at the time who seemed to know more than he was letting on about the GL's layout (including Raftel).......

Anyways, another miscalculation on my part was that Whitebeard wouldn't be a DF user. I had figured he would just fight with Haki and raw power alone (this technically still turned out to be true to some extent), but now that I think about it, the quake fruit was quite a fitting ability for ol' white-stache.
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Old 2011-06-13, 11:51   Link #7
Blackbeard D. Kuma
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Let's see here.....

1) Like James, I thought Jimbei would have turned out to be a more vicious version of Arlong, but Oda pulled a complete 180 on us. As soon as we were told Jimbei got locked up for refusing to participate in the war, I knew his character wasn't going to be quite what I imagined.

2) Didn't expect Kuma to be a double agent. I honestly would have preferred it if he wasn't affiliated with Dragon and the revolutionaries. Having his own agenda/plans would have been more intriguing, I feel.

3) Fully expected WB to meet his demise at Marineford, but not Ace. The latter's death was quite the surprise, to say the least. I remember how the forums were blown up over Oda killing off his first significant character in the present storyline.

4) I initially thought Roger got caught by the marines, but then it turned out that he had a terminal illness and gave himself in. In the back of my mind, I was asking myself, "if Garp only managed to corner the pirate king countless times, then who is the one who finally captured him?" There was never a single mention on the specifics of Roger's capture until Rayleigh was finally revealed.

There may be some more eluding my mind right now. If I can recall them, I'll be sure to post them later.
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Old 2011-06-13, 11:56   Link #8
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Some of were hoping that Jinbei would return with an afro.
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Old 2011-06-13, 18:03   Link #9
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My mistake in speculation was that Jinbe had been connected to Arlong's reign of terror when in fact Jinbe wanted nothing to do with Arlong's cruel ways.
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Old 2011-06-16, 15:22   Link #10
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10 years ago I thought they would have found the One Piece by now Glad they didn't
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Old 2011-06-18, 14:06   Link #11
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I thought Luffy and Whitebeard would have a fight.
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