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Old 2011-06-19, 21:56   Link #21
Join Date: Dec 2003
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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
back in the old days i remember popular series get their sub-forums deleted after the series is finish. wish you guys still copies of those discussion archives somewhere.
I don't think that ever happened intentionally, only due to the crash. For example, we still have sub-forums from before the crash in the Retired section.

As for the reason why people stay and go... beyond simple factors like burn-out and lost/changing interest, I think part of it might also depend on your stage of life when you join the forum. For example, when I joined the forum, I was already working full-time, so my life had more-or-less stabilized. But if you originally joined the forum while you were in High School or College/University, as you graduated from those places, I could easily see that changing your habits as well. Plus, there are always people who just get sick of forums in general, and prefer just to lurk and/or move to blogs or other formats. Some people may also find the style or subject matter of other forums to be more appealing to them, and there's no point wasting your time somewhere if you don't feel comfortable/"at home". So yeah... I think there are probably a lot of reasons.
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Old 2011-07-20, 18:43   Link #22
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I've attached an archive with a PDF of some graphs:
  • "Active Users" by "Join Month"
    The black bars show the active user counts, the light-blue shows the same as a percentage of the total who joined in that month. Gaps and spikes can clearly be seen in 2003 and 2005 when the forum crashed and we lost a number of users.
  • Distribution of "Active Users" by "Join Year" as a pie chart
    An overview of when the currently active users joined. The whole pie represents all active users.
  • Distribution of "Active Users" and "Inactive Users" by "Join Year" (weighted bar chart)
    This shows the active/inactive split by year in Black and Red: Active and Inactive respectively. The graph is weighted to show the relative percentage of the total user population. The area under the whole graph should total about 100%. The large expanse of red is a little sad, but inevitable I suppose.
  • "Active Users" and "Inactive Users" by "Join Year"
    Sort of a combined view. Data tables shows the raw numbers and calculated percentage. The bars of the chart stack, so the shape shows the overall join counts (which should match the previous graph). Just to be confusing I've swapped the black and red around.
As requested "active" means "visited in the last 6 months". Taking such a long period skews the statistics for the whole of this year but it works well enough overall. Note that these numbers only include "normal" user accounts. The graphs would look a little different if every group were included. Specifically, the recent spammers who have been banned would have made the 2011 skew even worse.
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Old 2011-07-21, 03:51   Link #23
Join Date: Dec 2005
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Seems the statistics for 2005 are also a little off but the forum looks pretty healthy overall.

Then again it’s all about people contributing rather then actively lurking, so…
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