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Converting more less used forums to subforums of active forums

It used to be subforums on (active) forums were pretty ugly, but thatís changed recently along with the conversion to the new current/older/upcoming layout. So since subforums in that have worked out pretty well how about converting a few of the forums which either get very little attention or could benefit from being more organized by being part of a more frequented forum.

Some examples:
  • Download Help and Playback Help could be moved as subforums of Tech Support (the section itself gets quite a few Playback Help questions already, and occasionally some Download Help questions). Resharing Requests could be added as well.
  • Torrent Submissions could be a subforum to Forum & Site Feedback, and the Torrent Listing Corrections moved to it (since every second post of every thread is usually a correction there as well).

I think overall this would only help the sections, since (1) the statistics for (some of) them are quite sad (2) they donít get that many posts so the last post isnít as relevant as ďit got postsĒ for which a subforum is sufficient and at the same time a more efficient use of space (3) being a subforum of a more popular forum helps attract attention to it an thus increase the chances of it getting used and posts in it getting answered; something a lot of them are definitely lacking.

With some more a tad bit extreme changes, such as moving the now somewhat unused section of Fansub Groups to Tech Support, Music to General Chat, and Suggestions to General Anime, the forum would have just 9 forums total and thus fit in one screen, all the main forums being visible with no need for scrolling.1
1 This may not be 100% accurate as I based it on simply counting how many forums fit on one (average) screen, but itís not completely off either. With a few adjustments such as removing descriptions for forums with subforums (since they are quite self-explenatory anyway) they could made to fit, even with the extras that would be generated.
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